Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Big Books and Zombie Movies! (Based on books)

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It has been chilly here which gave me some sort of allergy attack or something so it's felt like Fall! It's very exciting. But alas it's supposed to get warm again this week.

Is it just me or does Thanksgiving seem super early this year? Does anyone have any fun and exciting plans I can live through vicariously for Thanksgiving?

I'm getting near the end of Anna Karenina which makes me kind of sad. I will be genuinely bummed not to check in with these characters each week and see what social gathering they are going to or what's troubling Levin at the moment. (I've been reading with a friend and we've had like one hundredish pages to read each week but I've usually ended up reading them all in one go) Once again, as I always do once I've made my way through a chunkster, I'm thinking about how much I love long books and really digging in deep with a story. It's interesting to think about how a lot of these books were originally published as serials and that they were the sort of television of a certain time. Not all long books are created equal of course, but I have grown very fond of Tolstoy's style (or the interpreter's spin!) and year as a year long reading project I'll be reading War and Peace! I'm very excited about it! There will be an official readalong announcement sometime this week, but we (the amazing Iris on Books and myself) plan on making it very manageable with having other reading interests as well. Anyway just getting that idea out there....

Basically the only other books I plan to read by year's end are Lilith by George MacDonald and The Final Martyrs by Shusaku Endo. You know you want to join in for The Final Martyrs!! If I get anything else fit in, great!! How about you? Any final reading plans for the year?

Also what are your favorite chunksters? I should keep a list so I have books to look forward to reading!


I knew you guys (especially Jill) would join in my excitement about these upcoming zombie movies. I haven't read World War Z (yet!!) and everyone is complaining about it but what can you do? I'll still it because Brad Pitt + Zombies:

Also, the trailer for Warm Bodies has been released. I have to admit I didn't really like the book but giving it a romcom spin in the movie might work:

Will you see either of these?????


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