Thursday, November 29, 2012

NaBloPoMo Is Almost Over...Can I Have a Freebie?

I was working on a post about Nikita for today but it's just...blown up in my mind and become much bigger than I thought it would. I just can't even bear the thought of being at my computer anymore today, so indulge me!

I'd started a stupid post on my unpopular preferences at the beginning of this month but then I realized they weren't that shocking or interesting. But alas I'm going to post them today because my brain is fried.

*The World Series over the Super Bowl (baseball is my sport and I like the long drawn out tension and drama of the Fall classic)

*Zombies over Unicorns (to be fair I haven't actually read any unicorn books)

*French Kiss over every other Meg Ryan romantic comedy (but I love them all, this one is just special, okay?)

*The Beautiful and Damned over The Great Gatsby

*Every other Joss Whedon show over Firefly (okay except maybe Dollhouse, lol, I don't know, I just don't love Firefly like other people do)

*Tyler Lockwood over every other male on TVD (will I be eating my words after tonight?)

*Holiday Inn over White Christmas

*Japanese cuisine over Chinese cuisine

Then I got tired of trying to figure out the preferences and just came up with stuff I love that seems unpopular:

*Horror Movies that aren't slasher films (okay this might not be unpopular but it feels like it sometimes!)

*Brussel Sprouts (yummy little mini cabbages)

*Black Olives (no they are not just like eating rubber!)

*The Disney movie Pocahontas (ugh I know, I know. But it's so pretty)

*The Village (gah SO romantic and also interesting!)

*Rain (it rained here today!)

How about you? What are your unpopular preferences or the things you love that it seems like everyone else hates?

(The funny thing about NaBloPoMo being almost over is that I still have all this stuff I want to post about, sigh. You might be stuck with me a little longer!)


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