Monday, October 15, 2012

Zombiesssssssssss!!!!!!! (Or Yay! The Walking Dead is Back!) And Other Stuff

You guys I have a weird thing for zombie narratives, I don't even know....

Anyway this might be my favorite show after Borgen, it FLIES by, like I was shocked it was already over when it ended and I even had to pause it several times BECAUSE OMG THE TENSION.

Anyway I have never read the comics (I know, I know for shame) but I do know that comics fans were really excited about the prison storyline for Season 3. And I see why! It's already really exciting! But let me hit on a few things:

--Rick is my fave, I don't care. (I know the fandom favorite is Daryl) I kind of like this hard edged Rick, he gets things done. But it doesn't mean he's unaware of how anyone in the group is feeling, he's just not coddling them and I LIKE IT.

--They've realllly amped up the gore this season, like that zombie Rick killed whose face peeled off? Ewwwww. And obviously the end with Hershel. And Hershel won't die right? I mean they made such a huge deal about how they saved his character because they had so much more story to tell that as soon as I saw he was bit in the leg, I knew they'd try chopping off his leg to save him.

--I think the writers are intentionally trying to create more sympathy for Lori with the audience. They are aware of fan reaction to her and the finale was really rough on her character. In retrospect (I was so annoyed with her after the finale, too, lol) I think the story they told there is kind of interesting and realistic for the world they live in. But that's kind of...subtle storytelling? And it's also frightfully REALLY human and uncomfortably so. Anyway, I think the way Rick is shutting her out is an interesting storyline and direction to go, and obviously moves the sympathy in her favor. I mean she's pregnant and terrified and her husband won't talk to her. And quite honestly Rick shutting her out fits in with human behavior...he bore his soul to her, this horrible (but necessary) thing he'd done and she reacted to him like he was a monster. What is he supposed to do? I think that's more the heart of it than what she said...that he was angry she'd pushed him into the situation. I totally get her fear over the idea the baby might die within her and eat her alive I mean...ugh how terrifying!!

--I was LOL at Daryl calling Rick "Shane" because no. Also not really interested in a Daryl/Carol hook-up but whatever.

--Michonne ♥♥♥ I love her already! I LOVE the tight friendship and partnership that already exists between her and Andrea since Andrea was my favorite female character up to this point. I like that they're separated from the rest of the group for now.

--Carl was surprisingly NOT annoying, yay! Although this crush he has on Beth could get annoying quickly.

I'm just really glad the show is back, it's always such a good time.

ALSO! Don't forget we're discussing Darren Shan's Zom-B on October 28th, spoilers galore, please join in, be here, etc.

Beauty and the Beast

In other news, I watched the CW's Beauty and the Beast remake as part of a bet I've made with a friend. She's going to read all 1488 pages of A Suitable Boy (which I have not and probably never will read) and I'm going to watch Beauty and the Beast until it's cancelled. Like the foolish person I am, I made this bet 100% believing that the show wouldn't last past 13 episodes if 6. Unfortunately for me, the gods were laughing because it got a pretty big debut audience and might last forever, you know how the world likes its romanticized abusive relationship narratives. Sigh. Anyway, it's not a total waste, though I probably wouldn't keep watching without this bet. And it's not even because of the B&tB narrative--that part is okay I guess, it's because it's a PROCEDURAL. I seriously cannot concentrate on procedurals, I just do not care who murdered the random person. The case gets solve but has no impact on anything, etc.

Okay the positives! The show has a lot of POC! There are two female detectives that are partners and then their boss is also a POC. Plus the case centered around POC so it just felt different from a lot of shows. It's pretty refreshing, to be honest. Also, while she might not be the best actress, Kristin Kreuk is really pretty and not annoying.

The Beast, however, cannot act. And he's good looking enough, but he's got a big scar and a tendency to vamp know weird eyes, ragey/beast looking face. I felt like the pilot tried to do just a little too much--setting up his origin, having a case, and also a big conspiracy theory behind her mother's death, etc. And oh my gosh I can't remember the lead female character's name is it Belle??? Anyway it was also kind of cheesy. But it could be worse, I guess. Is anyone else watching this?? I want to recap it weekly in some fun way, but if no one is watching there will be no point!


The Cardinals ♥
To be honest, the game was sloppy last night, but I almost thought they deserved to lose after that controversial slide at second. And they are bringing it home to St.Louis, best fans in the world, etc, so I'm sure we have nothing to worry about RIGHT? It's fun to watch them try to repeat, but I have loads of sympathy for the person who I saw tweet that with both the Yankees and Cardinals in the League championships there is no baseball god. I'll take it, though because they are not always good okay? I was a fan for a lot of years WITH NOTHING. Anyway I love post season baseball because it's actually on TV and I can watch, but man is it long. I feel a little guilty for giving it so much time.

Also, I read books

I am almost finished with Cloud Atlas I liked but didn't love it. Also I am reading Anna Karenina right now and you guys were all so right!!! I reallllly like it. I finished The Casual Vacancy and I'm working on a post with my weird thoughts that probably no one will care about, but it's what the book meant to me okay? Reading reactions to The Casual Vacancy has been really interesting across the board. It's nice to have a book so many people are reading and find worth discussing from many viewpoints. I wish it could happen all the time.

That's all for now! Don't forget October 28th for Zom-B and tell me all your thoughts and feelings!


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