Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Vampire Diaries 4x02--Memorial

This is a TVD post because Iris said she likes them! :)

Caroline and Tyler are my favorite thing about this show now (since Katherine is MIA and the Salvatore bros were annoying in this episode) and while last season the writing for them suffered like it did for everything else, this episode is a pretty good example of why...they are just allowed to be the characters that they are without a lot of extra stuff going on in the text about how they are SO COMPASSIONATE or so WORRIED ABOUT FAILING etc. Tyler loves Caroline and he just loves her without making a big production about it. Caroline cares about people and she just shows that through her actions instead of talking about it a lot. Also they are very pretty together. So whatever, I know no one else who reads these posts love them like I do but I felt they were the strongest part of this episode.

Also the show FINALLY gave me a concrete reason why being a hybrid is a good deal. Tyler survived that assassination attempt because of his hybridness and he also helped out all those ungrateful fools by risking death again. And this is potentially interesting because there are two hybrids in town and this sort of sets up leadership potential for them. In fact, hybrids might best be equipped to fight this war. Could we finally have a fight over the best way to proceed that is not between two characters named Stefan and Damon? Could Elena end up irrelevant in the overall discussion or will her blood still have special properties even as a vampire? I see potential here for some interesting stuff, it's just a matter of whether or not TVD goes there.

I hated both Stefan and Damon this episode and felt a lot of sympathy for Elena. The triangle is a hot mess right now. Why would I want either Stefan or Damon with Elena when they used her struggles with turning for their own advantage (Damon) or cared more about their own issues (Stefan). I'm really curious about where the show plans to go with Elena as a vampire, though. Like...clearly she knows that what Stefan values/valued about her was the humanity she gave him. If she starts feeding on humans, if she can experience a kind of vampire life that is different from his, will Stefan still want her? If Elena is no longer virtuous Elena where does that leave Stefan? I mean look at how he rejected Katherine and Rebekah. On the other hand, I really didn't like the way Damon was either. I think if Stefan and Damon's first priority was Elena they would have acted a lot differently in this episode. Of course, I think they both convinced themselves she was their top priority but that isn't really what love looks like to me. I felt sorry for Elena, who knows that other vampires have conquered this feeding on animals thing and she couldn't do it. But she didn't feel like she could turn to Stefan and when she turned to Damon he had her feed on him which is apparently akin to sex or something without telling her that's what it was. (it's so fun how TVD constantly makes up new stuff like this)

Anyway, I liked that in the end it was Caroline and Matt who helped Elena. I'm also intrigued by Jeremy being able to see the tattoos on the new vampire hunter. I guess they are going to be slowly unraveling the big mystery threat so that could be interesting. Ugh what I wouldn't give for Jeremy to go all out vampire hunter. I'm annoyed by whatever they think they are doing with Bonnie. I think we can all agree that the best part about this episode was how Klaus wasn't in it. Oh and I was lol at how half the people at the memorial service were Damon's victims.

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