Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Catching up on Stuff, Like Everything

You guys!

We made it through another BBAW! And this one was awesome if I do say so myself, like I didn't get a chance to read the closing posts on Friday so today when I settled down to read them, I became downright teary. They were just lovely. You guys are lovely and it's amazing to know BBAW still means something to the community. If BBAW was any good this year, it was because you guys are awesome. End of Story. (and you are, so)

In other news, I finally caught up to the rest of the world and read Gone Girl this past week! I do have thoughts on this book. I actually read another book I have thoughts on but expressing my thoughts on both of these books is going to require major spoilers. I don't feel as bad about it with Gone Girl but the other book hasn't been released quite yet. But I don't how to talk about what I think is most essential without spoilers so...if you see some reviews with big white spaces soon, that's why!

Also, I'm having another of those woe is me I'm mortal and will never be able to read all the books in the world life crises. I try to will myself into oblivion as often as possible on this front, but alas it always catches up to me.


Thanks to the wonder of tumblr (that's the only time you'll ever hear me say that) I learned that the band that played in the first seven episodes of the second season of The L.A. Complex is The Rural Alberta Advantage. And oh my gosh, I love themmmm. I don't know it's just the right kind of music for me. But also, The L.A. Complex had a cool band on it, I mean WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING? The show isn't perfect at all, but it is such a solid soap with interesting and...even groundbreaking storylines.


Fall TV kicks into gear this week for real! I mean Bones is back tomorrow (not sure if I'll be able to watch this season tbh), and Parks and Recreation is back as well this week! (I'm still not caught up on S4 but not too worried). Revolution premieres tomorrow as well (watched the pilot and sigh. Despite the fact that I love Elizabeth Mitchell I already sat through V for her I don't think I can do another terrible show) This is exciting everyone! Oh and Downton Abbey starts in the UK. I have managed to muster up a little interest in that finally, let's hope Season 3 returns the show to a fun soap with a bit less Mr. Bates.

The L.A. Complex is still on, though! AND!

I don't think this show is a brilliant masterpiece of layers and themes or whatever but I do think I find more care in Connor's storyline. It could be because I tend to pay a bit more attention, but I thought there was a lot of ~symbolism in the episode where he convinced Eric to stay. And I realized as I was getting ready to write this that they foreshadowed what I suspect will be his upcoming story line about scientology in the season 2 premiere. I don't read episode blurbs or anything for story lines coming up and I don't even always watch the previews, but if they do indeed explore scientology in Connor's storyline, I think it's a really smart direction for the show to go, because it makes so much sense for Connor's character. It won't be coming in randomly, you know? All the character work has been laid.

Anyway do you remember how Connor and Raquel were taking that walk down Hollywood Blvd or whatever in the Season 2 premiere and that girl randomly stopped him and tried to sell him on Dianetics? Well as it turns out, dianetics was the precursor to scientology! In fact, on wikipedia, the world's most reliable source of information, it says that Scientologists practice dianetics. I think this was a particularly good piece of foreshadowing because it worked fully in the episode as its own incident, it revealed more of Connor's character (i.e. his desperation to find healing), and it gave us a glimmer of what's to come.

I thought the Nick storyline was so stupid. Like, first of all, can't they do a drug test or something? Also, how could Nick EVER think it was a good idea to take responsibility for that? Even so he made me laugh a lot this episode for some reason and Sabrina giving him a pep talk was adorable.

Ugh Raquel. WHY didn't she embrace the image of bitch? It's who she is, it would have made her whole life easier, and she would be working as a bartender. That guy in the restaurant was way too nice to her, but I actually think he was right that she belongs behind a bar, lol.

Beth, ew.

Kal inviting Abby to sing back-up vocals was..I don't know it was so sad. Like he wanted to do this thing for her, Tariq's friend, but he was in no position to do it. The end scene, the way it was silent, was great. And accepting her rage...I think Kal kind of wanted it.

I kind of disliked Switched at Birth this week. Partly because they showed that preview of the whole season so I felt like I was just waiting for that other stuff to happen. Partly because the resolution to the marriage storyline was pretty bad. If the problem is surprise inspections or whatever, I think they'd be able to tell Angelo is not living with Regina and Daphne. I don't know I feel like the story telling with Angelo has always been a bit poorly paced. I did like seeing Tania Raymonde show up, though, I really like her. I'm excited to see a Bay storyline that doesn't have to do with Emmett? And...Daphne's upcoming romance better have a point. I can sort of guess what they might attempt to do with it, but we'll see!


The Faith and Fiction roundtable discussion of Gilead will take place on September 29th. And our film club discussion of Japanese Story will take place on the 25th. I hope you will all join for both!


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