Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stuff I Wish to Discuss (Olympics, HGTV Design Star how could you? etc.)


I really don't follow the sport of swimming outside of the Olympics, so I was surprised by how openly Cameron van der Burgh admitted to "cheating." I had to read up on the claims about the dolphin kick and you know...this could quite possibly turn me off the whole sport.

If it's illegal to do more than one dolphin kick than you know it should be illegal and there should be consequences. I probably wouldn't have thought about this a whole lot apart from van der Burgh's statement: "I'm not willing to sacrifice my personal performance and four years of hard work for someone that is willing to do it and get away with it." It bugs me because I am in general a rule follower, and I think that's a personality type or you have someone like van der Burgh who thinks and acts along the lines long as it's a generally accepted thing I'm going to do it because I deserve every advantage I can get, I've worked hard, etc. But some people don't operate like that, they tend to be more legalistic and would be unable to do that in good conscience. While I can certainly respect how easily van der Burgh owns up to his actions and mindset, I feel like there's a psychological disadvantage at play here and I don't like it. The reason the rule isn't enforced is the cost of underwater cameras. So maybe it shouldn't be a rule? Lol I don't know why this is bothering me so much at the moment, but it is! Can anyone weigh in or better yet give me a comparable example from another sport or explain the whole mindset behind this better?

Beach Volleyball

Since NBC primetime coverage followed Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings like every night, I got a bit attached to them and started thinking about how I'd really like to read more books about female athletes on teams. I realized it's the EXACT kind of thing I'd really love--the complexity and even..intensity of the relationships without being romantic! (this was all born during the commentator droning on about their sports therapist, lol) Also, I read Dominique Moceanu's memoir this week and I'm reading Amanda Beard's right now and I'm really enjoying it. More female athlete books, please! If anyone has any recs of books about female sports teams or female athletes, please let me know!

HGTV Design All Star

This show seems...I don't know like the prize is less than on the regular show? But I like it anyway, because it's more Design Star! And having old contestants back is fun, I mean I'm basically tuning in for them. So I am MAD that Sparkle Josh has already been eliminated. Out of all the seasons of Design Star, he has been the most memorable contestant, watching him is pure pleasure. How can he be gone already? I especially loved his dynamic with Hilari, so I'm annoyed. I kind of want Hilari to win, I don't know if she has a chance, though. But like....I feel like they should give more weight to "audience enjoys watching this person." because they aren't actually getting a show of their own, so who cares?

Joss Whedon and the Avengers

Everyone knows I love Buffy, and Angel to a lesser extent, and I liked Firefly and Dr. Horrible. So I mean I guess by default I'm a Joss Whedon fan? I don't hang on his every word or anything, I guess I just always sort of loved him for giving me Buffy. I liked The Avengers movie and was not surprised to hear he'll be writing and directing the sequel. He'll also be developing a TV show set in the Marvel universe. This is all mostly...whatever to me, EXCEPT that when Catching Fire was without a director, I saw an interview with Joss where he said he was tired of working in other people's universes and wanted to do his own stuff, but yeah sure he loved Catching Fire. Working in the Marvel universe until 2015 is not working in his own universe. And it's not that I really care (I would NOT have wanted him to do Catching Fire, actually) it just bugs because the only universe he was walking in that wasn't his own that I can tell is The Avengers! So he used the excuse of not wanting to do that anymore and then turns around and signs a contract to do that very thing. So....yay for him? (Maybe this really boils down to being annoyed he wouldn't jump at the chance since I love the books and think everyone should!) Maybe he was just saving face because they'd never have asked him. It was just a surprising announcement to me, okay?

The Bridge and Sleepy Hollow

I'm hoping to start watching The Bridge soon, another Danish show that has received a lot of acclaim, but lo and behold! FX is already working towards an American adaptation that would be about the US and Mexico. (The Danish one is Danish/Swedish) I actually think that might be kind of fascinating. Hope it's a good one!

And there are two Sleepy Hollow shows being developed. This is weird to me (why the sudden idea that it would make a great show?) but I'm kind of excited because there aren't many horror shows.

My Fitzgerald year is a bust by the way! The Great Gatsby film has been moved to next year. I'm kind of bummed since I read the book and all. Oh well!

That's it from me for now, I'm really looking forward to your thoughts on this stuff!


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