Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Recs Please!

When you have a TBR pile of several hundred (physical) books it seems a little ridiculous to add to it...but I never know what I'll be in the mood for and interests change and fluctuate. So...why not ask you all?

Last week I asked for recs for books about female athletes, in particular on sports teams and I got a few! But I thought maybe since it was buried in a post about other stuff, some you might have missed it? So here's my request again!

I'm looking for interesting books about female athletes and especially female athletes on a team. Good ones, please! I think it should hit my need for stories about complex and interesting relationships that are not romantic.

Second request. Ugh this is kind of embarrassing but after watching Borgen and now watching The Bridge I've become very interested in Denmark. To be honest, it's a country I've thought very little about before, so it was probably bound to happen, I used to get country obsessions all the time it just hasn't happened in awhile. Anyway, I'm interested especially in historical fiction about Danish history, books about contemporary life in Denmark, or good translated Danish works...anything that will give me a better understanding of the country through fiction. I'm...not that interested in crime fiction, which seems to be the easiest to find. I assume there is more to life in Denmark than crime so hopefully some of you will have suggestions!

Having said all of that I'm pretty sure I'll also be reading all the Scandinavia crime fiction that's been piling up on my shelves.

Those are my requests! But to make this more fun...why not ask me for a rec in exchange? I'll do my best to come up with something!


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