Friday, July 6, 2012

More Stuff I Wish to Discuss!

I totally forgot yesterday that I wanted to get your opinions on the new J.K. Rowling cover!

It's kind of weird because I don't feel like there's been a ton of excitement over the book. I mean it could just be that I'm in the wrong circles or whatever, but most people have seemed pretty meh on it since the release of the description. The cover doesn't help in my opinion, it's very blah for such a high profile book.

Even so I am excited! I am rereading Harry Potter right now, and while I'm just on Chamber of Secrets, I'd forgotten how much I utterly adore these books! I am just beyond delighted rereading and so charmed all over again and it made me think I should be excited about The Casual Vacancy, too. So I don't know, I can get over the weird title and blah cover (I always kind of liked the description)

But anyway, it's kind of an interesting position she's in--the book is clearly very different from Harry Potter and for an entirely different audience...and yet..not an audience that is unfamiliar with her. I suppose it feels like a real make it or break it situation. Not that this is a wholly comparable situation, but I did LOVE The Host while not caring that much for Twilight

Remakes and Such

Soooo yesterday you all reminded me about how the new Spider-man was unnecessary and it got me to thinking about this idea that remakes and new adaptations harm the originals. Do you agree? I'm just questioning this because I see a lot of resistance to them, especially with the forthcoming Elementary on CBS. I mean I definitely resist them myself, for example, I was all BOO to the idea of an American Borgen, which, I guess, is not that different from an American Sherlock. I mean really what does it matter if one day NBC goes forward with an American adaptation and it sucks and fails? I know intellectually it doesn't harm the original, it's still intact and wonderful and brilliant as is! I guess part of it is that it limits the availability of the original in the States.

With Sherlock it's a little bit different because BBC Sherlock is also an adaptation, and not the original source material. Additionally, Elementary has differentiated itself enough so as not to be an American adaptation of BBC Sherlock. But ultimately, I think it comes down to the fact that I'm looking forward to Elementary as a show and not as an adaptation of Sherlock?

Anyway, I'd love to hear your opinion on this subject!

Steel Magnolias

Speaking of remakes, did you hear about the all African American remake of Steel Magnolias? It's been aaages since I watched the original, but I like a lot of these actresses, so I think I'll watch it on Lifetime!

Have a great weekend everyone and please share your thoughts...


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