Friday, March 2, 2012

The Question Game

Kristina at Kristina's Favorites tagged me in this question game and since it was the first time in forever that I'd heard from her, and also who doesn't enjoy talking about themselves, I decided to play along!

What are you making for dinner tonight?
Well it's pretty late when I'm working on this, but I had Chick-fil-A for dinner.

What book (or books) are you reading right now?
Several. I'm almost finished with Home Front by Kristin Hannah which has been an emotionally charged book. Seriously do not read this unless you are prepared to sob nonstop pretty much. I'm also reading The Bronze Horseman at a rate of about 150 pages a week with a couple of friends. It's pretty entertaining, and interesting to think about the war in Russia which I don't often read about, to be honest. I'm still trying to finish up Feminism is for Everybody even though February is over.

What was the last CD or song that you purchased?
Lana Del Rey's Born to Die. Which has also made me think a lot due to all the smart people on the internet I know. And just yesterday I downloaded Matthew Perryman Jones's new CD which I helped fund through Kickstarter. I like it a lot.

When and why did you start blogging?
Seven years this month! I started blogging to have an easy way to keep up with people because I was moving around a lot at the time. Unfortunately, none of my friends really wanted to read my blog so I made new friends on the internet. Which I will never regret, it's been so much fun. It morphed into a book blog a few years after I started and now I mostly write about books and bookish things with some other stuff thrown in from time to time.

What's your favorite TV show?
Ugh I don't know. My favorite show ever is Lost. My favorite show right now though is harder to decide. There are only a handful of shows I really enjoy and never want to miss and while I love them all none of them reach the level of love I had for Lost. In fact, right now I'm sort of off TV and into reading again, the books I'm reading are so enjoyable and for example tonight I stopped reading for a bit to watch Revenge and it was just boring. I go in cycles like this sometimes.

What is the one thing that you want, right this minute, if money and means aren't an issue?
Um wow. Maybe a dream house on a beach that's big enough to regularly host friends and family for extended periods of time without driving me crazy. LOL.

If you could travel back in time, what is the one place or event that you would aim to change?.
Well changing one thing would change so many other things and it's JUST SO HARD to know what would be the right thing to change. I could pick an atrocity like the Holocaust or war or the atomic bomb but how could I know the right one? If I was going to just pick something in my own life, there are some decisions I made I know I wish I could remake in a different way but at the time I was so wrapped up in my feelings and thinking I was doing the right thing for myself at the time that I wonder if I hadn't made them if I'd just burn with regret and resentment. It's impossible to know.

What's the ring tone on your cell phone?
Um whatever the standard ring is on my phone.

What is your worst habit?
I obsessively check email. I am actually trying to break this habit right now because it's had a really negative impact on my concentration and I sort of hate myself for being one of those people always looking at their phone.

What 2 blogs do you visit or read most often?
The Millions and onehandclapping I guess, there are about 8 blogs I read obsessively.

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what's the first thing on it? If not, what would be the first thing on it?
I do not! One thing I really want to do is attend Andrew Peterson's Christmas show in Nashville. (or anywhere really)


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