Friday, February 10, 2012

The Vampire Diaries 3x14: Dangerous Liaisons

I liked this episode but didn't love it. I was interested in the Originals story line, but they were sort of underwhelming and the show is starting to feel way too crowded. With so many originals, it's hard to make each one of them interesting and devote sufficient time to the characters on the show I already know and love. I mean Tyler got two seconds of phone call time and Bonnie was completely MIA.

I did enjoy all the pretty of the ball and was feeling relieved I wasn't invited since I'm not sure I'd have known all the dances. I thought it was cute how Caroline was so resistant to Klaus, especially since he was so over the top in his affections straight away. But...I'm not going to lie, I did enjoy their scenes. I thought it was cute the way he just came right out and told her he fancied her and the reasons he gave are the reasons I love Caroline, too. Caroline digging straight to his dysfunction was characteristic of her heart as well. My personal dream theory is that Caroline will be the one to get close to Klaus and kill him, but when she does she'll be conflicted because she'll have seen his humanity. I liked, though, that Caroline misses Tyler. I can't help it, I still ship them, despite how terribly handled their story line has been this season. I have faint hope that it can be turned around.

Elena was actually interesting to me this episode! It was pretty clear to me that Elena wants both Stefan and Damon and that will only blow up in her face eventually. But I loved her last scene with Stefan and to be honest, I'm ready for old Stefan to emerge. But I don't want him to just be all emo over Elena all the time. Damon justified his controlling behavior by saying he loved Elena and that did not go well. But anyway, I was proud of Elena for going to see Esther on her own, but then she had a brief stupid moment where she gave her blood without questioning it. I think that was so that her moral dilemma came not before giving her blood but afterwards. Lying to Elijah, though! :( I think it's interesting all the originals are bound together now and I suppose there's probably a reverse spell but will anyone care to do it? Also, Elena mentioning to Stefan that he trusted her and let her make her own choices was interesting to me in both the context of her relationship to both brothers and the ideas of free will and choice the show flirts with.

Matt/Rebekah/Kol plot bored me to tears. Rebekah annoyed me this episode which is sad because I used to really like her. But lol at Damon and Stefan sharing all their significant loves.

So overall a moderately entertaining episode, I kind of like the set-up of witches vs. vampires and Esther attempting to undo the unnatural thing she set into motion.

What did everyone else think?

(I haven't watched The Secret Circle yet)


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