Friday, February 3, 2012

The Vampire Diaries 3x13: Bringing out the Dead and The Secret Circle 1x13 Medallion

Vampire Royalty I really liked this episode of The Vampire Diaries because it featured my favorite thing in all the world, vampire brothers. Seriously, how fantastic was that dinner? I loved Elijah/Tatia/Klaus being the precursor to Stefan/Elena/Katherine/Damon and since they brought up Tatia does that mean we might get to meet her? Even if in flashbacks, I'd love it. I didn't really understand what they were saying about draining her blood, but sounds painful. Anyway, I didn't know if Elijah was going to come through or not, a suspense made possible by his betrayal last year. And super unpopular opinion, but Klaus screaming about how he's the hybrid made me squeal with's so Jonathan Rhys Meyers/Henry the VIII (I'm the King of England!). Which...if Klaus would go totally insane and become unpredictable and totally ruled by his passions, I think he'd be a lot more interesting and threatening. I still think Joseph Morgan does a great job switching from calm to chilling at the drop of a hat, but I'd be down for watching him as a spoiled brat. So I actually like the Original family story because it has so much potential as the royal family of vampires that will inevitably be torn apart from within...each one desperate for power and revenge! Please give me a good story show.

The Love Triangle I liked that Klaus brought up how he'd keep Elena safer than either brother could, because it's true. Up to this point, I do sort of see the show as one big struggle to save Elena's humanity and I'm coming to a sort of peace with the way they portray her (as always right, lol) if I view her as a symbol of all humanity. Saving Elena's humanity=saving humanity. Of course, Elena is supernatural, but I just kind of ignore that. So she's trusting Damon more now, and Stefan, I think, is coming more to terms with how he's lost her.

Caroline, Free Will, etc. I thought Caroline dealing with her dad's choice to die rather than become a vampire was a great story line, but I was LOL about Elena telling Caroline choice was the only thing her dad had. (or whatever) Like....didn't she just deny her brother that same choice? But free will has been a recurring theme this season and I really hope that Iris is right that maybe this is intentional. It's definitely one of the more interesting and complex themes the show could explore and so I'm kind of hoping it pops back up in Elena's story line with regards to Jeremy. I think that it could looking back at the season, since Jeremy did bring up his earlier compulsion before being compelled again. And since taking away his free will is decidedly anti-human, I think that having it resurface could be really powerful in Elena's continuing story line. I'm not holding my breath, but I'm slightly hopeful.

Bonnie and Mothers Bonnie's mother (another story line where choice came up) and Bonnie opened the coffin. I thought Bonnie telling her mother to try if she cared or was really sorry was nice. I don't know about this Original Mother though.

The Murders I have no theories! But I was confused about Alaric's ring working again. Did Bonnie fix it or something? I can't remember.

The Secret Circle

This episode bored me to be honest. I felt like the story line was a rehash of Diana's grandmother coming to town. I'm having a hard time emotionally connecting to the show, and I don't know why. Adam is seriously getting on my nerves. I just...don't have that much to say about it, except that Melissa getting addicted to drugs makes so much sense and could be interesting.


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