Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Sunday Salon -- Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!

I suspect most of you are going to spend the day lazing around recovering from your New Year's festivities, but I wanted to take the opportunity of a bright and shiny new year to share a little bit about what you can expect on the blog in 2012.

  • Book Reviews--Shocker right?
  • TV Talk--I'll keep recapping my Thursday night shows here and probably Gossip Girl at Intimate Strangers.
  • Class of 2K12 Interviews--This will be an ongoing feature where I share interviews with some of the authors who are a part of the Class of 2K12. Yay!
  • Ageless Stories Feature--This will be a new somewhat regular feature where I share picture books that have appeal for all ages. I've been wanting to start this FOREVER and 2012 is the year!
  • And more melodramatic, very serious reflections on life as a reader, TV fan, and story addict.

  • I want to connect with you in 2012!
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  • Some last minute 2011 TV Talk

    American Horror Story--Okay so I finally watched the finale and....WHAT WAS THAT? My favorite part was when Ben told Tate off. I was cheering him along! But the rest of the episode felt very strange to me, like...they aimed for a light tone and kind of acted like death was the answer? So death was the answer to all the problems that the Harmons had? They found peace and happiness once they'd all died violent, horrible deaths and were stuck together in the house forever?...IDEK what to think of it, but I'll still probably watch next season. I love the anthology approach to the series.

    The Closer's Season finale on the other hand was fantastic! So much drama! So much tension! Brenda not exactly getting her way but being unable to fight it. AND WHO IS THE LEAK? Ugh, I'm so sad there are only 6 episodes left and I'm still not sold on the spin-off.

    Happy New Year everyone! You make me so happy and I hope this is the best year EVER for all of you!


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