Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle--Catching Up, Ghosts, Witch Hunters, etc.

So I was too wrapped up in watching baseball over the past few weeks to devote time to my shows (also best baseball season ever! Love the Cardinals, love the World Series win, David Freese is awesome, cut me and I bleed Cardinal red, etc, etc.) but I caught up this weekend and decided to share my thoughts anyway in sort of one quick lump.

The Vampire Diaries

Let's see...Tyler is all weird and sired by Klaus now and Rebekah is like the little devil on his shoulder encouraging bad behavior etc., while Caroline bless her, is the angel but I don't know...the Tyler/Caroline relationship is a tiny bit strange to me in the way it's been written this season because I feel like they went through all this major stuff last season, and then supposedly hung out all summer but Caroline treats the relationship in this casual way I can't quite understand. It definitely feels more like a friends with benefits situation to me. In any case, she's not happy with Tyler acting like a jerk, but at the same point in time it doesn't seem like she's helping him through the transition at all, leaving the door open for negative influences like Rebekah so it's all just a bit strange to me. I can't help but feel for Tyler who has become a pawn in Klaus's game.

Elena thinks she's going to become Buffy and is working out to be able to protect herself from Stefan and other evil influences. She's also still fighting for Stefan I guess which is why she brought Lexi back. Can we keep Lexi and get rid of Elena? In any case, it was nice to see them torture Stefan to try to bring him back, I wonder if it will work.

The Ghosts! It was fun to see them back but can I just say they have a really really depressing vision of the afterlife? Being all alone or just hanging out with nothing to do but regret your life? All of that sounds like hell to me, to be honest. But it was nice to see Mason back and funny to watch Damon make a pathetic attempt at apologizing. I was glad, so glad that Mason was trying to help Tyler because it seems like he's the only one right now, tbh. I'm also still kind of sad they killed him off. TVD is one of the few universes where I generally end up being pro-wolf over vamp and I'm sorry that now we're being stuck with this hybrid story over a good old fashioned wolf vs. vampire story.

I realize TVD is a plot driven show but every once in a while I feel like they have cool opportunities they pass up. When this ghost story first came up I thought they would do something where Jeremy started spending more and more time in ghost world until the lines of the living/reality blurred with death/ghost world. I think they kind of tried to do that a little bit in this episode with Anna, but it just fell kind of flat. To be honest, I liked Anna when she was on, but I barely remember her now and so the whole thing was just a little bit weird. So..I didn't like how Jeremy and Bonnie ended but I also don't really care. Jeremy is one of the least interesting characters on the show to me.

I liked seeing Grams with Bonnie, too! That was a really touching moment. I cried a little bit at the end as the ghosts were leaving.

Also is Katherine dead or what, they left us hanging!

The Secret Circle

I wasn't sure how this show would handle Nick's death which was kind of a major thing, mostly for Melissa. And well..I don't think they've done a great job, but it did change up the dynamic in a way that I think is good for the show.

I actually like the addition of the new guy. He's a real bad boy in every sense of the word and the fact that he's both a witch and a hunter is kind of fascinating. I mean, they can't even kill witches without doing magic, lol, do they ever plan to explore how bizarre that is?

Yay for Diana dumping Adam! Boo for Adam trying to get her back because he can't handle things changing, not just because he loves and misses her. Yay for an Asian witch! Boo that they already killed him. Cassie is driving me nuts I think it's the actress.

I do not like Faye twisting herself in knots over this bad boy, whyyyyy?

I loved beyond all measure the scene where Melissa tells Faye the wake for Nick isn't all about her and that she loved Nick and Faye says, "I know he loved you, too" You expect a scene like that to be a touching friend moment but Melissa calls her on her it, saying, "I know you're only saying that because it's what you wish you had with Jake." Melissa is my favorite, I hope the show doesn't neglect her now that Nick is gone.

All the adult stuff was boring. I loved loved loved the way they decorated for Halloween, though! So yeah, still really enjoying the show.

Tell me all your thoughts! I want to hear them.


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