Friday, September 9, 2011

What will you be watching this Fall?

So...I do watch a fair bit of TV. And the pilot season this year was so strong in comparison to last year that I'm looking forward to checking out a lot of new shows. A lot of the new shows I'm interested in don't start until mid-season, though.

In any case, I know a few other bloggers have been posting what they'll be watching so I figured I'd do the same because new shows start next week already! A TV fan's favorite time of year.

Terra Nova--end of the world and dinosaurs. Was there every any doubt? I've seen rumblings of troubled production on this one, so I'm not sure it will be smooth sailing, but I'll still give it a chance.

Gossip Girl--Because I'm still hoping there was a point to the mess of last season. (delusional) Also, I'm attached to the cast and some of the fandom.

Ringer--Sarah Michelle Gellar!! To be honest, this show seems similar to The Lying Game which I've been underwhelmed by and I also saw some critics having a spat over whether or not it was actually any good on Twitter, so my expectations are very tempered, but I'm still hoping.

Revenge--I love Emily Van Camp and everyone seems to love this show. It would be fab to find another delicious, soapy show to enjoy. You can never have enough.

The Vampire Diaries--Everyone already knows I love this show.
The Secret Circle--I really enjoyed the pilot. I love this kind of supernatural teen show.

Nikita--I was really impressed with the development of this show over the first season. I'm actually trying to rewatch the first season now and I find I'm enjoying the earlier episodes more than I did when they were on the first time.

Once Upon a Time--brought to us by LOST writers and boasting a fantastic cast, I was utterly charmed by the pilot and am hopeful that I'll continue to enjoy the show. Hannah and Deb are supposed to watch and tweet with me.

So that's what I'm looking at. I can't believe there's a show everyday. I hated all the shows so much last year I didn't have that. Of course, if something's not very good I'll drop it. There's only so much time and I enjoy reading, too. ;)

What are you planning on watching?


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