Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Discussion: 2.20 The Last Day

So um, wow. Time for the ritual. Alaric comes and delivers this news and he is still alive. Yay! Elijah has an elixer he believes will save Elena's life, but Damon being...well Damon doesn't trust this and decides it's a much better decision to strip Elena of her own choice and force his blood down her throat. There is just no way for me not to see that as similar to rape, and I think with that choice there is no way a Damon/Elena pairing can ever happen on this show. But let me tell you how happy I was that Elena ACKNOWLEDGES that it was not romantic, it was not cool that Damon was so desperate to save her that he as good as killed her--that's not a good kind of love. (now if Gossip Girl writers would give me this with Blair and Chuck I'd really be happy) Also how awesome was it that Elena didn't want to become a vampire? I loved Stefan's honesty and the fact that he purposefully chose not to ever bring up the conversation with her...and that Elena knows she's too young to make such a huge decision, she wants to live. I'm usually not a huge fan of Elena, but lately I've been liking her a lot more.

So Damon, I still love him, decides to try to fix things and gets Katherine to tell him where the vampire and werewolf are and goes to rescue them. And they are....

Caroline and Tyler. How I love them. Tyler's back, looking so beautiful on my screen after such a long absence and what I love so much about Tyler/Caroline is how much they communicate without really saying anything. I loved their first encounter, the awkwardness, Caroline's jealousy! (I was kind of worried about this...I couldn't tell if Caroline was upset until now about Tyler leaving, so I'm glad it was explicit in this episode that it bothered her a lot), it was beautiful. And later, when they were locked up in the tomb and she told him she could never hate him...and his smile. I just love them a lot, and look forward to their story continuing.

Clearly the show is trying to turn Matt around, he finally questioned Caroline's mother about how Caroline seems the same as ever and why aren't they going after Damon? Then he does follow Damon and saves him from the manwitch! So Matt is getting better, but please Matt! Don't interfere with Tyler/Caroline!

Damon was bit by Tyler! We know this means death so it's going to be interesting to see how the show tries to save him. We know Damon isn't dying! And Jenna was turned! I have to admit that really surprised me, I didn't see it coming.

Klaus is freaky in a completely calm way.

And how much do I love that after Klaus takes Elena, Stefan calls Damon up and tells him, and Damon is all "I'll take care of it." Team Salvatore for the win <3

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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