Friday, March 4, 2011

Wrapping up Buechner Week

Thanks for reading all the great posts this week celebrating Frederick Buechner everyone! I really had hoped to post more reviews, but sometimes the real life interferes--in any case, more reviews will be forthcoming! The good news is that I had such fabulous guest posts.

I sent several bloggers copies of The Eyes of the Heart to read for this week and a few of them posted reviews.(my own review is forthcoming) I hope you will check them out.

Carrie from Books and Movies was glad to have read it.

Christy of Critty Joy echoes my own thoughts on his way with words.

Unfinished Person unfortunately couldn't finish it.

If you read the copy I sent you and posted a review, please send it to me!

Also, if you are interested in deepening your knowledge of Buechner and the kinds of conversations found around his work, I recommend checking out King College's Buechner Institute the 25th-29th of May:

The Buechner Institute at King College was created to examine the intersections—and collisions—between faith and culture. Located between shrill sectarianism and abject secularism and honoring Fred Buechner’s example, the Buechner Institute aims to cultivate a conversation that is both artful and substantial on issues of faith and culture.


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