Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ten Fiction Books I'm Anticipating in 2011 From the Adult General Market

After we wrap up the year, it's always fun to look ahead. Over this next week, I'll be sharing some of the things I'm looking forward to in 2011. I kicked things off yesterday with the Christian fiction books I'm most anticipating. I'll be excited to see at the end of the year how things match up from my expectations and what I ended up really liking! Tomorrow, young adult fiction.

Graveminder by Melissa Marr (William Morrow, May)
I love the Wicked Lovely series and I'm very eagerly anticipating Marr's first full length foray into novels for adults. I feel like I've been waiting for it FOREVER since it was announced and it really can't come fast enough.

America Pacifica
America Pacifica by Anna North (Reagan Arthur Books, May)
The moment I read the description of this one, I knew I would want to read it. I love stories about things like, "survivors of the second ice age." Apocalypse! Dystopia! Can't wait to dig into this one!

Bird Sisters
The Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen (Crown, April)
Surely we all know Rebecca by now, she's fabulous! And we're lucky her book looks fabulous, too, definitely a read I'm looking forward to.

Deadline by Mira Grant (Orbit, May)
I loved Feed and I'm really interested in seeing where the story goes from here. Fantastic world building in this most excellent zombie series! Is it May yet?

You Believers
You Believers by Jane Bradley (Unbridled Books, May)
Shallow as this is going to sound...that COVER! Also, I loved hosting Jane for the Unbridled Holiday Cheer series and I suspect I'm going to really love her book which seems to explore themes of great interest.

The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead by Paul Elwork (Amy Einhorn/Putnam, March)
Cover strikes again! Also, I gained a sort of interest in these books where people pretend to communicate with the dead this past year. So it looks doubly fantastic!

Faith by Jennifer Haigh (Harper, May)
I love to see how faith is explored in books (from many different perspectives) and the description of this book is particularly appealing with lines like, "a family is forced to question its own myths, the stories it tells about itself." SOLD (and oh the cover!!!!!!)

The Curfew
The Curfew by Jesse Ball (Vintage, June)
Yeah, I don't really know anything about this book, apart from a rave from Ann Kingman on Twitter. The author's other books have been positively reviewed so that's enough for me!

Beauty of Humanity
The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb (Penguin Press, March)
About family conflict through the generations and the enduring legacy of art...I don't think I can go wrong with this one!

The Silent Land
The Silent Land by Graham Joyce (Doubleday, March)
There are a few things you can say that will immediately make me an interested in a book, and "for fans of LOST" is one of them! Can't wait for this!

So here are ten books I'm really looking forward to reading in the next year that come out this year. Do any of them look good to you? What are you looking forward to?


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