Thursday, January 20, 2011

My List of Goals for Bloggiesta!

Bloggiesta is the ever fun blogging marathon created and hosted by fabulous Natasha of Maw Books Blog.

Basically in the spirit of blogging camaraderie, we all dig into that ever increasing to-do list and try to knock as much of it out as possible. Usually I have some sort of timing conflict with bloggiesta, but this time I don't and I'm thrilled to buckle down and get a bunch of work done. I won't be working the whole weekend, but I will devote a few chunks of time to getting things done.

So what's on the agenda?

1) Write reviews. I actually have very little of this to do...3 reviews to be exact, but I'd like to get them finished. Two of the books don't come out for awhile, so it's important I force myself to do this now. It will be nice to have this done so that when they release I can simply publish!

2) Work on the BBAW newsletter. I need to figure out the template and process for the awesome little crew working on this.

3) Finalize some other BBAW details. It's about time to get that show on the road, believe it or not.

4) Work on the RSS buttons on the sidebar of this blog--they are kind of small which I have liked but realize that some people don't see them.

5) Research options for design and moving this blog. It will be a huge project, but I'm ready to make some changes. Additionally, I'd like to figure out something new for The Friendly Book Nook which also needs a lot of work.

6) Work on the Lunch community. I want to add a few more reviews.

7) Work on a few resources I'll be offering here--sorry to be vague, but you know how it is!

8) Create buttons for a few features and also send out more emails to get them figured out.

9) Write posts for my other blogs, Intimate Strangers and Brave and Bittersweet.

10) Delete spam comments on the BBAW blog.

11) Update my review index. (ugh)

12) Start framework for two major projects that have been on the wait list for far too long.

13) Update goodreads group for Underground Literary Society.

I like having this list, because while I'm unlikely to get even a fraction of this stuff done, it reminds me of everything I want to eventually get done. And that's worth quite a bit! Will you be participating in the bloggiesta?


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