Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Join my community on Lunch!

For a long time, I've wanted to add a community to this blog so when Lunch.com approached me about their awesome communities, I was very excited to sign on.

What is Lunch? Well in their own words,

Lunch is about making it fun and easy to share what you know, whether you're a super-user or a novice. We give you tools to express your likes, loves, and loathes in a thoughtful way. This connects you to people who share your interests, and also helps you find common ground with people who may appear to be your total opposite.

Additionally, what I think is pretty awesome is this similarity network they have. The more reviews and tips you share, you'll be matched up with other people with similar feelings and viewpoints so you can get recommendations from them tailored to your likes. I can't wait to find others who likes Christian fiction and vampire fiction!

So those are some of the benefits of Lunch, but what's the benefit of a My Friend Amy Lunch community? Often I want to take the discussions we have on here a little deeper..I want know your own feelings about the books and TV shows and movies talked about on here. You can add reviews or quick tips, and we can also have discussions and make lists, in a chilled, laid back environment. It's going to be awesome.

Whether you're an avid book blogger looking for another place to share your reviews or a reader who wants to connect a little bit more deeply, I hope you'll join my community, and invite all your friends to do so as well!

You can easily access the community from the tab in the navigation bar at the top. I'll be adding some of my reviews to Lunch and plan to hang out there quite a bit myself. Let's have a great time!


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