Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Discussion and Recap 2.8: Rose

Oh dear...we're getting into the mythology of the show's vampires. I always love this stuff. Oldest vampires, originals, this stuff makes me happy. And how about Elijah? Regenerating even from something through the chest. Why oh why oh why did they not chop off his head? But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Elena is gone, but since she has some sneaky ways, it takes awhile for those nearest and dearest to notice. She's been kidnapped and handed off to two old vamps who live together and consider one another family. No real vampire covens on this show, just pockets of vamps.

So they have her and they don't particularly tolerate her nosiness. In order to find her, Bonnie tries some witchcraft that really takes it out of her. Her nose bleeds. Later on she does a super cool spell that causes her to pass out. Jeremy oozes concern...will these two hook up? I'm not sure I'm really feeling the chemistry, though I'd really like for Bonnie to have a nice guy. I liked her explanation of the witchcraft "pushing back" Bonnie feels alone. Jeremy feels alone. Tyler feels alone.

I really feel for Tyler. Werewolves are meant to be in packs, I've read enough werewolf stories to understand this, so being alone is particularly sucky. Despite the fact that he has some issues, I actually am worried about the Tyler character once he learns what happened to Mason. I just don't think he'll ever be strong enough to hurt anyone. I feel sad for him with this terrible curse all alone. we like her? I think Rose has potential to be cool. Also maybe she can ease some of Damon's loneliness. Damon confessed his love to Elena. Poor Damon. I will never understand why all of the women around him are completely oblivious to his utter hotness. But alas he compelled her to forget. :(

Oh and what's up with this doppelganger's blood lifts the curse? I'm totally confused about which curse it is...the one that doesn't let them walk in the sun? How silly, they all seem to do it anyway. Just give Bonnie a full time job making rings!

Another action packed show filled with revelations, brotherly bonding, and gorgeous people. Seriously, everyone on this show is SO GORGEOUS.

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