Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sunday Salon -- News and More

Lately life is moving at such a quick pace and I can barely keep up! I'm packing most of my things to put them in storage while I try to figure out what to do next in my life, and I've also been in process of getting rid of quite a bit of stuff. What amazes me is how out of control the book habit had become. I've given away several hundred books, and I still have so many! It's shocking! If ever there was an argument for ereaders this would be it. It would be nice to have the books that I don't care about having a hard copy of suddenly go digital. But alas. I just know there's no chance in the world I could ever read all these books, and there will always be new books I hear about that I want to read, so I'll just have to be really hard on myself about which ones I'm likely never to open. There are few of my read books that I have any conflict over, I generally have a strong feeling for whether or not I want them in my permanent library.

So much to share though! I don't know if you've been keeping up with the podcast I do with Nicole, The Underground Literary Society, but we've posted several episodes and have an awesome rest of the year planned as well. You might be interested in checking out our showcase of October books, our episode on ghosts where we interviewed Karen Bence and Deborah Noyes, and our international mysteries episode where we talked to Ake Edwardson and also Jen of Jen's Book Thoughts. I always have such a blast with these interviews and Nicole and I often have to edit liberally because there's so much good stuff to chat about.

Additionally, the Inspys judges are busy reading the shortlists and winners will be announced on December 13th. In the meantime, we've been sharing interviews with Inspy nominated authors which has been a blast. Be sure to check them out, they provide some great insight into the creative minds behind some great books!

For Allie of Hist-Fic Chick and Nicole of Linus's Blanet Harrowing Historicals event, I reviewed Jane-Emily by Patricia Clapp. Allie posted my review, so please check it out if you can!

Also, Jodie of Book Gazing who I think is very awesome took over Buy Books for the Holidays and has been posting some great lists of books over there, so I hope you pop over and see what's going on there. Jodie is also doing a women in sport month on her blog which promises to be lots of fun, so I hope you're reading her blog!

Yesterday, I announced the new format for Faith and Fiction Saturday Round Table and if you're a Christian blogger I hope you'll consider applying.

I've been thinking a lot about my reading goals for the rest of the year and especially next year. There are still several books I'd like to read this year and with major publications and websites releasing their top books of the year, I'm even more anxious to fit several in. Also, seeing the insane number of books I own and do actually really want to read makes me think I need to be more organized in my reading next year.

Are any of you making plans for your reading for the rest of the year? Does your reading time slow down with the busyness of the holidays?


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