Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Recap and Discussion 2.6: Plan B

Oooooh! I loved this episode! It was a bit heartbreaking (because of Mason and Matt not so much Stefan and Elena) but it was the sort of plot barrels full speed ahead kind of goodness that I love.

So much happened I feel like I don't even know where to start! So I think I'll try something different.

What I Loved
Caroline: I love Caroline. At times her insecurity has annoyed me, but overall I find her character to be one of the more balanced and well drawn. I couldn't help but be touched by the development in the relationship with her mother and with Bonnie. I actually cried a little when she compelled her mother...Caroline shows in some ways more than the other vamps, I believe, how being a vampire has human moments but also monstrous moments. The act of compelling her mother after being truly vulnerable with her was one of both utter selfishness but also kindness. Caroline also gets to be a full character with a range of emotions, acts of courage, and acts of selfishness. Team Caroline!

Bonnie: It's about time Bonnie started coming around! I have to admit to feeling a little bugged that the show doesn't explore more of what it means for Bonnie to be Bonnie with so many powers. She also has the ability to manipulate situations and alter outcomes and her choices have just as much repercussion as the others do. She's in this just as much as they are, but for some reason she gets to be all high and mighty or as Damon calls her judgy. So it was nice to see her reach out to both Elena and Caroline and help the Salvatore brothers.

Jeremy: I LOVED Jeremy telling Elena off. LOVED it. It's about time! He's not some young child that needs sheltering, his life has been dramatically impacted by the presence of the supernatural and he has a right to make choices about that. I am very interested in where Jeremy's arc goes.

Damon: Always and forever. How much do I love that Damon thanks Bonnie for her help, apologizes to Elena for letting Katherine get to him, and also kills Mason in cold blood? And as always he's the funniest. Damon can be brutal and tender hearted and for these reasons, I love him best.

What I didn't like
Elena: UGH!!!! How annoying was she all night? Whenever something little happened and she didn't know about it she got all upset, but she expects everyone else to be fine living in the dark. Also, believing the war is all about her and Stefan and whether or not they're together? Katherine has a lot more winning to do before she's won if you know what I mean!


So what's next? WHY does Katherine need a werewolf? I have to admit I thought that was amusing when Stefan asked why she'd want the moonstone and Damon had to admit he had no idea. I'm curious as to what her actual plan is. (or her 25 plans. :) I will be really sad if Tyler kills Matt! And how lucky that Jenna didn't die!

Tell me all your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!


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