Friday, October 15, 2010

Faith and Fiction Saturday: What Book Do You Wish Would Be Written?

Faith and Fiction Saturday is a weekly discussion about the intersection of faith and fiction. You can participate by discussing the topic in comments or writing a post on your own blog and leaving a link in comments.

I hear a lot of comments about how the Christian fiction marketing category is all quite similar. There's always talk about edgy Christian fiction as well. Imagining a world where Christian publishers would be unafraid to take chances, what's a book you'd love to read? Maybe we can give them some ideas! :)

One book I long to see, (and have even thought about trying to write myself--ha!) is a book where the main character identifies as gay, lesbian, transgendered, or otherwise doesn't fit into what most conservative Christians see as "normal" sexuality, and is also a person of incredible faith. I think it's time for such a book--one that is free of condemnation. So many conservative Christians stay closeted and I'd love to see a book begin to knock down the barriers. Unfortunately, I think we'd need a general market publisher willing to take a chance on a faith driven book. I think there are some out there but they don't necessarily portray faith in a positive way.

Another book I'd love to read is one where a woman remains single and this is a celebrated choice for her. Surely there is more to our lives than our relationships with men! I'd love to read a book where a woman feels like her life is satisfying and full even without a relationship.

Lastly, I'd love to read some Japanese historical fiction about the early Christians in Japan. (kind of like Silence) I think this is such a fascinating time!

How about you? What books would you like to see written?


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