Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall TV: What Will You Be Watching? And A Review of Lone Star

I have to admit there is something so fun and wonderful about fall TV! It means the possibility of exciting new shows to watch as well as the return of characters we love. I've already been enjoying the Vampire Diaries, but this week sees the return of most of our shows as well as the premiers of some newbies.

Here's what I'll be watching:
House--For some reason, last season's writing and character development was top notch again and pulled me back to this show. I had almost written it off entirely, but found myself charmed last season. (Fox, 8 PM PST0
Gossip Girl--This one forever hangs onto my viewership by a thread. I find myself bored by most of the characters, but forever loving Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. We'll see what happens this season. (CW, 9 PM PST)
The Event--No idea if this one will stick, but I'll give it a go. (NBC, 9 PM PST)
Hawaii 5-0--Daniel Dae Kim! Also looked like it would be a lot of fun at Comic-Con (CBS, 10 PM PST)


The Undercovers--I'll give this new show a shot and see how it goes. (NBC, 8 PM PST)

The Vampire Diaries--LOVE it! And recapping it every week, join in the discussion. (CW, 8 PM EST)
Nikita--watched the pilot and it was okay. This will probably be a show I'll watch if I can but not stress about missing. (CW, 9 PM PST)

Supernatural--Despite the major fail that was last season, I just can't quit the Winchester boys.(CW, 9 PM PST)

(later this fall I'm looking forward to V returning and The Walking Dead starting)

Lone Star


Another new show premiering this week is Fox's Lone Star. Fox is going all out to promote this new show and scheduled several advance viewings as well as sent out several screenings. I'd heard such great advanced buzz that I was really excited to receive a screener.

Lone Star is the story of Robert Allen a skilled con artist who has set up two separate lives. This is something he has done his whole life, with great pressure from his father, and it starts to wear on him. He decides he'd like to try to live an "honest" life. Coming to that decision and showing us to the two lives Robert has set up (one with a girlfriend as an everyman, one with a wife, as a successful and wealthy businessman) is the setting of the pilot.

I suspect my expectations were too high. I wasn't blown away by the pilot, and I'm not even sure I'll try to make time to watch this show. It was beautifully shot, no question, and there are some interesting sequences, but I failed to make a strong connection to the main character. Additionally, I think I'd die from the tension of worrying he'll be found out and the people in his life will be devastated each week. On the plus side, the soundtrack is dominated by Mumford & Sons and I enjoyed every second of that!

What will you be watching this fall? What are you MOST looking forward to?


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