Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disclosure Policy

The way the internet works is constantly changing and as a reader I have more access to authors than ever before. I often strike up friendly relationships with authors and this year I also started doing some online publicity work for authors and other artists through Winsome Media Communications.

Due to this, I have decided to establish a new disclosure policy so you can feel more empowered to make judgments of my reviews. I recently saw a professional reviewer say that reviewers should have no relationship whatsoever with authors. (upon reviewing the tweets, these were more directed towards authors for the point of keeping objective critics. But it IS what started me thinking about this) I find that impossible, but I also realize it's only fair that you know anything that might be reasonably considered to impact my impartiality.

I will not write reviews for clients of Winsome Media Communications. I will, however, mention their books. It's a policy of Winsome's to read our clients work and believe in it. Therefore, I may mention that I read and loved the book. I may also post interviews or guest posts, but going forward I will be sure to disclose that they are a client of Winsome Media Communications so that you can make your own judgement.

I may review books by friends, particularly ones I've met because of their first book. In this case, I will mention in the Things You Might Want to Know bit of my review that I have friendly feelings toward the author.

Finally, I will always disclose the source of a review copy.

I hope this will help you make informed judgments about the content of My Friend Amy.


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