Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Vampire Diaries News

As you all know, I'm a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, both the books (especially when I was younger) and the TV show. (Ian!!!)

The show comes back September 9th and looks better than ever! Check out this juicy trailer!

In other excellent news, Ian Somerhalder was voted as the sexiest beast during Entertainment Weekly's tournament. There are simply no words for how much I love this!

Finally, a series of Vampire Diaries prequels are going to be released. I do not understand. These are essentially books for fans of the TV shows that will explore the Salvatore brothers' lives during the Civil War era and have nothing to do with the actual books. They will be called Stefan's Diaries...cute huh? Which means I probably won't read them. But here's the cover anyway:

Vampire Diaries Prequel

Most important! I will be recapping the Vampire Diaries every week right here on the blog! I invite you to link up your own recap posts. This will be an ongoing part of the L.J. Smith challenge. I'm adding The Forbidden Game trilogy as the books to read this year, and will be making the announcement a little later than originally planned because I hope to do something fun with it! Haven't read the Forbidden Game? One word for you. Julian. The Forbidden Game was recently rereleased in omnibus format from Simon Pulse. These were my favorite L.J. Smith books growing up.

Who's excited for the Vampire Diaries to come back?


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