Monday, August 9, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: LOST

I know you might think I'm crazy for even beginning a post talking about LOST when it's over and there wasn't a panel. But I realized I made my own little LOST Comic Con.

On Thursday I attended a panel called Behind the Music: Composing for for Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy Film & TV. This panel included several well known composers: Wendy Melovin and Lisa Colvin, Nathan Barr, John Ottman, Jim Dooley, Jeremy Zuckerman and you guessed it, Michael Giacchino. I realized I'm a total fan girl when I loved everything he said. (he really was the most interesting on the panel) I enjoyed hearing these artists talk about how they have to be lovers of story first in order to be able to compose the music for film and TV and how they improvise and use all sorts of things to make the music and sounds pop. It was a really fun panel.

On Friday, I went to the Hawaii Five-O panel which had Daniel Dae-Kim on it. Saturday I went to the Fringe and Vampire Diaries panels with Lance Reddick and Ian Somerhalder.

But the real LOST panel was the panel DK had for the forthcoming LOST Encyclopedia. I wasn't sure how many people would be there so I headed there about 45 minutes early and there were already a couple of hundred people in line. Seriously. LOSTies are really the very best fans and also well, it was the only thing there really was for us. I suspect I'm not the only one who can't really admit it's over. The encyclopedia looks's an in-world encyclopedia meaning it's rooted in the mythology and internal world of the show and not the "making of" sort of details. Everything was approved by the LOST executive team and the writers talked about how hard they worked to make sure to carefully write their copy in a very clear way that wouldn't lead to speculation. They had someone dressed up as a polar bear and the young actor that played young Ben was there as well. Mostly, I just enjoyed the chance to chat with other LOST's always wonderful to meet other people who love that world and that show as much as myself.

Will you be buying LOST: The Complete Series on DVD?


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