Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Hop 10: Let's be Friends!

I am participating in this big blog hop because quite honestly I love nothing more than to make new friends! (and amass piles of books, but more on that later!)

A blog hop is like a virtual online party where you hop around to different blogs and check them out and make friends.

My Friend Amy is a blog that celebrates storytelling and the many forms it takes-- primarily books. I read and review books, write posts about the role of books and reading in our lives, recap some TV shows occasionally, talk about some movies that I love and also music.

I am a woman of faith and I don't really try to hide that but I promise not to preach at you. I just find it impossible to completely separate from my faith in the examination of storytelling.

So! I love Jesus. I also love vampires. I'm still grieving LOST! And I really love to read.

I coordinate Book Blogger Appreciation Week every year, Faith and Fiction Saturdays, co-host the podcast The Underground Literary Society, and other fun events.

Additionally, I help develop online publicity and social media campaigns through Winsome Media Communications.

I hope you'll stick around and be my friend!


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