Saturday, June 26, 2010

This Week in Links 6/27/10

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this past week was a good one of reading for you. :)

Just a few links to share with you today.

A special thanks to the Los Angeles Times and Carolyn Kellogg for giving some space to book bloggers and our ever growing relationship with publishers. If you are new to book blogs, let me tell you--this is a fantastic, growing field. There are thousands of active book blogs all over the world that cover books in many different genres. If you are interested in learning more about book bloggers and celebrating what we do, I highly recommend tuning into Book Blogger Appreciation Week, where we seek to recognize and celebrate the many different roles book bloggers play.

Also, a thank you to Profitable Mommy Blog for recommending My Friend Amy as one of 36 sites moms should keep an eye on in the book category.

A Few Other Links of Interest

I found Russ Ramsey's piece about how 3-D doesn't seem that spectacular to be pretty interesting, especially the conversation that continued in comments comparing 3-D to advent of color films. Interesting to think about!

I also enjoyed these pictures of Finn and Emmy with Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten? at Lenore's blog. By the way, this book is out now and you don't want to miss it!

Marie had a great post on What IS a Graphic Novel? and a call for an alternative name!

I also really enjoyed this guest by C.W. Gortner at The Eclectic Reader about Catherine de Medici's passion for the arts...especially since I so enjoyed his book about her!

Last but not least, the next #bblog chat is this Tuesday at 9 PM EST on the subject of branding your blog with @whatsheread.

I have a busy day ahead--I will hopefully be able to share with you a couple of the things I've been working on for months now in the forthcoming week but it depends on whether or not I get everything done. How about you? Do you have special plans for today?


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