Monday, June 14, 2010

#Bblog--Because Book Bloggers Need a Chance to Talk

One of the reasons I love book bloggers is the fantastic way we embraced Twitter. It revolutionized book blogging and is the reason I count so many of you my good friends.

It's impossible to read too many posts in the book blogosphere before stumbling on a mention of what took place off the blog...which is to say, what took place on Twitter. Ideas for huge projects are born through idle Twitter chatter. Some bloggers developed their entire brand because of the way it was embraced on Twitter. Relevant issues to book blogging are frequently discussed. It can seem like a demanding activity to keep up with everything that happens on Twitter as well as the blogs and oh yeah, read books.

Which is why #Bblog was born. There are many weekly chats on Twitter. Some to discuss books, some to discuss publishing issues, genre discussions, and some to discuss publicity. But no time set aside for JUST book bloggers to talk about the issues that are important to us. Because so many of us are on Twitter and talking about these things anyway, we decided to put together a scheduled chat every other week where we can discuss issues related to book blogging. The time of the chat will change because we are all over the world so it's very important that you pay attention to the official blog dedicated to #BBlog. Check it has our first schedule and a chance to sign up. The names you see on the sidebar are the bloggers who have seen the idea through from the beginning.

I'm very excited about #BBlog which kicks off tomorrow when the one and only Chris (@chrisbookarama) leads us in a discussion of Reading Challenges. Come share everything you know Wednesday June 16th at 8 PM EST. Even if you don't care about reading challenges, join in to meet some other great book bloggers!

I hope you'll all be there! Now--go visit the site!


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