Friday, May 7, 2010

A Fan Letter for Susan May Warren

The fabulous Katie of Babbling about Books and More always keeps me on top of all the cool news including this idea of having bloggers write fan letters to authors they love in the form of a blog a day. I LOVE this idea because I know that our beloved authors face a lot--crushing reviews, rude people, less than hoped for sales, and doubt. But we love them! And they deserve to know. Kassa started this (many thanks to her for the great idea!), Tam tagged me, and I'm tagging Wren. I think most of the other bloggers are romance reviewers primarily and I went for something a bit different, since I review a lot of Christian fiction, but I stuck with romance!

Dear Susan May Warren,

I read my first book by you when I was living overseas. My friend sent me a care package with the much desired English language book! and it was Happily Ever After. Included on the cover was a sticky note that said, "don't read this if you're crushing on someone!"

She was so right.

You certainly do have a way of writing romance. I loved it. I fell in love with the book and looked eagerly for more books by you. I claimed you as a favorite author, and have looked forward to everything you've written since. Whenever I close the cover on your newest book, I feel the regret of knowing I'll have to wait at least another 6 months for more.

Before I became a book blogger (and thus too busy), I stalked your website for any morsel of information I could find on your upcoming projects. My absolute favorites have been the Josey series, closely followed by the Noble Legacy series. When Josey and Chase's story ended, I went through a grieving process, I was so sad to be saying good-bye to such beloved characters. And thank you a million times for making Josey a LOST fan.

There is something wonderful to me about reading a romance with just the right amount of romantic tension, where the scenes are beautifully and sweetly written. Thank you also for bringing international concerns into your fiction through including Russian characters and setting. Thank you for being such a consistent author that I always enjoy your books and eagerly look forward to them. I will always make time to read them.

Thank you for all that you do.



PS--I know today is Faith and Fiction Saturday so feel free to write a fan letter on your blog or share why you love an author in comments!

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