Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wrapping up Gone with the Wind Read-a-long

I can't believe it's over! As long as this book was and even though I had a hard time always meeting the schedule, I absolutely loved reading it this way and sharing my thoughts each week. I cried at the end (even though I knew what was going to happen) and was surprised by just how depressing the ending feels in the book. If ever in the world there is evidence that a good movie comes from an even better book, it's Gone with the Wind.

Let's talk about the ending specifically, since I'll also be writing a review. The ending, I felt was very depressing. This last section picked up on the night after Ashley's party where Melanie had Scarlett receive with her. Rhett is of course overcome with jealousy and rage and humiliation but they have quite the passionate night together.

I have to admit to feeling frustrated by Rhett. For all his knowing Scarlett "down to her bones" talk he still plays the same games with her. But Scarlett actually seems quite insecure when it comes to Rhett...I feel like he could have encouraged her more. Ah well, I guess he was quite insecure with her as well. Scarlett continued to be shocking by openly thinking things like wishing that God had taken Ella instead of Bonnie, but maybe in the end she's just more honest than the rest of us.

I found Bonnie and Melanie's deaths to be so sad, but despite it all, I was so glad that at the end, Scarlett, having lost everything, still wasn't broken.

I was chatting about the end of the book on twitter awhile back and some people said they think everyone ends up alone. Do you? Or do you think Scarlett wins back Rhett? What do you imagine happens to the characters? I don't think I'll be reading any of the imagined sequels anytime soon, though I did watch Scarlett on TV when it was on.

Don't forget next week we'll discuss The Wind Done Gone!


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