Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LOST Recap and Discussion 6.12: Everybody Loves Hugo

As always, spoilers follow.

While I found this episode slightly uneven, I really enjoyed it for the most part. The veil between the two realities continues to be torn down and there were some interesting developments indeed!

So Hugo off-island is a happy guy except that he can't really talk to women. He's a philanthropist and when his mom sets him up on a blind date, the girl doesn't show but Libby does. She claims to remember him from another life. Hurley really likes her, but he's confused by the fact that she's in a mental hospital. At Mr. Cluck's one day, Desmond sees him and suggests he follows his heart. So Hurley goes to see her in the mental hospital and they set up a date...a picnic on the beach like they were supposed to have originally. They kiss and suddenly Hurley starts to remember the island life as well. Triumph!

Meanwhile on island, Michael shows up and warns Hurley not to let the group blow up the plane. Ilana doesn't listen and well, she blows up. Sad for Ilana, but Ben's observation is interesting -- the island is done with her. Hurley then proceeds to blow up the Black Rock so maybe we're finally done with the whole dynamite thing. Richard is pissed and Miles and Ben go with him to try to keep the plane from flying, but Jack, Sun, and Lapidus stay with Hurley to go try to talk to Smoke Man.

Sayid dragged Desmond back to Smoke Man who suggests they take a walk. He takes Desmond over to a well and drops him down into it. Ugh.

And finally, back off island, Desmond hits Locke in his wheelchair. Why do you think? Is this a necessary step to righting the world?

Key Points and Questions
*Boy showed up again disturbing smoke man who refused to tell Desmond who he was.
*The whispers are the spirits of the dead trapped on the island
*Sawyer didn't do anything this episode but stalk up to people and say, "Where have you been?"
*Why do you think Desmond hit Locke? Why do you think Locke dropped Desmond down a well?
*Did you feel anything at the death of Ilana? (Perhaps relief it wasn't someone you cared more about?)
*What do you think are the necessary steps to the Losties ending up in one timeline with one reality?
*whoa Jack! Letting go!

Tell me all your thoughts....


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