Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Answer Your (very few) Questions and Offer a New Game

I've decided book giveaways are at an all time low value when I can't even get very many readers to engage in some creative thinking for a question. But I understand, I don't like to tax myself too much either, so I'll answer the few questions I got for my blogiversary.

Candace asked "If the world were NOTHING BUT GHOSTS would we be living in LOST?"

Well, Candace, I don't think so. I don't think our Losties are dead. I think they are alive. Well, except for the ones that are dead. Like Charlie. (Candace didn't want a new book)

Hannah asked,
"I think I remember you saying you went to college in Toccoa Falls. (I remember it vividly, but now I can't find it, so I might be wrong.) Did you ever see FIREWORKS OVER TOCCOA? Either way, share a college memory."
Yes I did go there and probably mentioned it on my personal blog. I do not remember ever seeing fireworks over Toccoa. Which is sad. But I can say that one of the things I loved best about going to school there was just how gosh darned pretty it is. The falls are beautiful and the trees are gorgeous, and I really don't think there is any better college campus. I stayed in a dorm my freshman year that had an open lobby in the middle like a courtyard, so you could look down on the lobby and first floor from the second. I'll never forget being in a deep sleep the week of finals fall semester and being woken up to the sound of Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" My roommate and I stumbled out to see the entire lobby covered in toilet paper like snow. It was such as surprise coming from our usually strict seeming RD! I enjoyed playing this same prank on the girls the following year.

Jill asked,
"of all the online games and contests you have entered, were the HUNGER GAMES of Game On Diet your favorite, or was there some other?

Of course it was Game On Diet! Though I also really enjoyed BLOB. (Biggest Loser of books) I think BLOB ended up being worse for my book acquisition because I went crazy before and after.

Thomas asked, "Has there been any book that made you wish that you paid better attention in class like the book The Making of the Atomic Bomb did for me?"
That's an excellent question. I can't think of any book right off hand, but many have made me want to go and learn more history. I think all I ever got in school was a very superficial survey of history.

Florinda asked, "What time of day do you prefer, BREAKING DAWN or TWILIGHT?"
Um, Twilight. I hate the morning. Passionately. But I love the setting of the sun. I love watching the world begin to fall asleep. I hate being woken from sleep!

Heather asked, "what is your favorite kind of CAKE? And with or without ice cream? Great question! I love yellow cake with ice cream. Am I boring or what?

Jill asked, "Do you have a personal CAKE WRECKS story to share?"And suddenly I realize why I've gotten so few questions. I'm BORING. The answer is no. :(

Elizabeth asked, "What would be the best and worst parts about having to live one day in complete SILENCE?" I think she should get extra points for using one of my favorite books! The best thing would be the obvious lesson I would learn in how to hold my tongue, that not everything needs to be commented on, and I wouldn't say anything I regret. The worst would be no communication, I'd feel locked inside myself, and no music or TV would be very sad as well.

Jenny asked, "I just saw the movie Alice in Wonderland, you know, where you eat cake to grow big. In the movie Alice keeps saying this just a dream, until she realizes it's real. If you could have a dream of yours actually be a real place or thing, what would it be? Or an easier question would be what is your favorite day dream?"
Wow!!! This is a tough question. I think the dreams I have, the ones that make me feel all happy inside and wake up feeling all wistful and full of longing, usually involve me being with the people I love. So if anything could come true, I'd live in a beautiful place and be close to all of the people I have loved in my life...not just the ones I'm close to now. It's weird the way dreams can bring to the surface an old friendship, and you're with that person in the dream and there's no barrier of communication....just understanding and love. While I do think relationships serve specific purposes in time, the people we have loved are a part of us forever, sewn into our hearts. I hate that life is so limited that there's not enough time to keep up with everyone. So I'd love for it to be easy and for time and distance to mean nothing. It's a bit of a serious answer, so my favorite daydream is to own my own publishing company! Then I could publish all the books I love to read and it would be nice to be rich enough to pay authors well because they're wonderful, not because they sold a lot of books.

And...Jenny wins Beautiful Creatures, Heather wins the faith pack, and Jill wins A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents! Please email me your addresses!

Now for a little game. Still focused on me since I didn't get very many questions. I present you two truths and a lie. You must guess which one of the following is a lie and you will win my respect! Because I am out of prizes to give you.

1) My favorite Japanese food is sushi.
2) I totaled my car two weeks after I got my driver's license.
3) I have spent Easter in Mongolia before.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday everyone!


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