Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Social Media Policy

I read somewhere awhile back that it's a good idea to have a stated social media policy. Here is mine:

I do not respond to all comments, but I do try to respond to them when I can.

I try to respond to all personal email. If you are pitching me a book or product I'm not interested in, I will likely not respond.

I have two facebook accounts, because I need space for the people in my life who don't care about books or blogging like I do. (so don't be hurt if I haven't friended you on my personal one, I have just a few online friends from pre-book blogging days there) I will friend everyone at the blog's facebook account. Also I don't feed twitter into my facebook so exclusive content! (ha!)

I do not follow everyone who follows me, but that's because I get followers like Bestbusinesscardsever! I will try to respond to you if you tweet to me and I welcome you entering any conversation in which I am engaged. I won't know you're there if you're not talking to me. Please don't be shy about Twitter. Twitter has a direct message function for the times I want to have a private conversation.

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I will friend anyone who friends me!
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