Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST Recap and Discussion: 6.1 LA X

If you haven't watched LOST yet read no further!!!!

"Nothing's irreversible."

Oh LOST, how I love you. I am so so happy you are back.

It's already quite late here so this will be a quick recap but there so much to talk about!

First of all, was it necessary to shatter my heart over Sawyer and Juliet all over again? Seriously, that was low. And of course, I thought, oh well that's nice, they got to share some precious last moments together but then Juliet dies before she can tell Sawyer the something important??? And when Sawyer shoves Miles face into the freshly dug grave to find out what it was, it was..."it worked" !?!?!!!!!!!???!!!

Over the summer I went to Comic Con where they showed the alternate reality videos of Kate and Hurley. So that's kind of where I expected the season to go but I didn't realize (and I did try to stay as spoiler free as possible) that we would be watching two storylines unfold. This really confuses my poor muddled brain.

So Jacob appears to Hurley and instructs him to take Sayid to the temple which is of course the same place that Ben was resurrected as a child. Once at the temple, we get to see all of the cool Others, hanging out with their long hair and hippie clothes and willing to kill our LOSTies on sight. Thank God Hurley has a guitar case with a super secret message that saves them...or rather has them dragging Sayid into the temple to drown him. I have to admit I was going to be really ticked off if Sayid was dead, so the very last scene of the show gave me great cause for relief.

And how about good old fake Locke turning into the Smoke Monster RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES and then killing some people? So it would seem to be confirmed that indeed the smoke monster and Jacob were at odds with each other. And Richard in chains?

Meanwhile aboard Oceanic Flight 815, we have a strange set of circumstances. We have Kate stealing Jack's pen, Charlie almost choking to death in the bathroom, Boone (coming across as very Damonish to me) minus Shannon, Desmond reading a book and then disappearing, and Hurley as the luckiest guy ever. I have to admit to wanting to laugh a bit over the fact that it seemed everyone was in trouble....Kate for obvious reasons, Charlie got arrested for the drugs, and Jin for the cash he was carrying. I am intrigued by the missing coffin and knives, and was, quite honestly, blown away by the conversation between Locke and Jack at the airport. It seems every exchange between them on the show has been of great significance and this one was no different. Between Locke saying he couldn't be helped to Jack's pronouncement that "nothing's irreversible." And we finally saw Claire again after so long, even if only for a second.

I feel the need to watch this again ASAP. I am so glad LOST is back! It's really hard to think of it being the last season....there is simply no other television series like it. Let's have a great season and savor every second. :)

Oh and a few other little notes.
*The book Desmond was reading on the plane was Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie (thanks to dedicated fans that take great screen shots!)
*What in the world was the island doing underwater in the beginning? What does that MEAN????
*Terry O'Quinn is such a fine actor. From the brilliant depiction of the "evil" Locke aka Smoke Man, to the look of resignation and defeat on the face of a Locke still in a wheelchair after flight 815....just such a wide range.
*I have always loved the score for LOST (I own all the soundtracks) and thought tonight's sequence as the flight touched down and all of the passengers got off the plane to be so gorgeous and sad sounding. It even made me a little teary. But that could be because I was just so happy to have LOST back. :)

I want to know your thoughts!!!! What do you think will happen next? Will Jacob come back to life? Just who is Smokey and what does he really want? I can't wait to hear what everyone thought!

(by the way, remember how Jacob went and connected with a few specific LOSTies and then said Sayid needed to live? Are they like the elect or something? What's up with that? Did he know he was going to die? He must have because of the message in the guitar case. AAAAH!)



Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

I didn't read your recap. Lost doesn't air here in the UK until this Friday.

Bibliolatrist said...

Here's what I was wondering - if Smokey came back as Locke, could Jacob come back as Sayid? Then again, that contradicts Sayid as being "necessary."

Is Smokey the devil? Is this like God (Jacob) vs. Devil (Smokey)??? And where does Charles Whidmore fit in - could he be the "new" Locke?

and, yes, WHY UNDERWATER????


ps - am going to look into LOST soundtracks asap...I wasn't aware one could buy them!

Beth F said...

Still processing . . . Fabulous write up!!!!

Elizabeth said...

When Boone showed up, my husband looked at me and said, Hey that's Damon! I was so proud. =)

Hazra said...

Fabulous writeup! LOST won't air in India till probably months later (I think Season 5 is airing right now), so I have to do with wiki-ing the story. And reading your recaps.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Oh my! I am SO with you. I adore LOST!

1. Juliet breaks my heart. OH and for her to die in Sawyer's arms? *sigh*
2. Two realities? I'm not sure what to make of it yet.
3. I <3 Boone!
4. I need to pay attention to the score! Is there a place on line to find it?
5. You are SO right about the actor playing Locke. He's truly amazing.

My questions:
What happened to Desmond?
Why is everything the same but slightly different?
When is Ben going to stop being such a dirty worm?
Please tell me nemesis Locke is not going to kill Richard? Richard is like my constant.
I need to learn more about Ilana.

Lenore Appelhans said...

Boone is back - ahh yeah!

ldperez said...

yeah, not so sure we were really seeing sayid - we'll see. i was so happy to hear the lost music again, too. and during the 3 hours of lost last night, i think we saw the scene between juliet and sawyer 3 or 4 times - why did they have to put us through that?
can't wait until next week!

KT Grant said...

I was screaming WTF the whole time. I can't even explain this episode if I wanted to try.

Nice to see Boone though.

Anonymous said...

Sayid is no longer Sayid, I am 100% convinced he is really Jacob. All of the Jesus imagery with Jacob and then the Jesus imagery for Sayid...Jacob is back.

I thought this was a great episode - the two parrellels are really interesting. I like how it shows them the consequences they never thought of - Charlie going to jail, Kate having to do bad stuff again, Locke being completely different.

I love Ben and they have added a completely new dimension to his character.

Locke needs another Emmy.

Anonymous said...

Great recap! So many new questions. I was wondering about the differences on the plane also...Shannon and Jack's dad not on the flight and Desmond being there.
I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. Next Tuesday won't get here fast enough.

Anonymous said...

I read the first line of your post... and stopped :) I've only started watching season 1 of Lost so I still have lots of episodes to go before I'm at THE END. Next Friday I'll be watching parts 5-8 at my cousin's.

I hope you'll enjoy the last season of Lost!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

What in the world is coming on?!!! Lost was always confusing but man, I have no idea what is going on at all. The alternate realities was interesting. Seems they wanted to give their fans the best of both worlds. Which I liked.

But I just have to say, that underworld animation was awful.

Husband was mad I watched it last night without him. But when he didn't come home before it started I wasn't about to not watch it. He had to stay upstairs so he wouldn't be spoiled.

sarah Pekkanen said...

Can you believe I've never watched a single episode of Lost? Do I need to start?

Jenn's Bookshelves said...

I, too, am still processing. I stayed up way past my bedtime just so I could watch the show live. I plan a re-watch this weekend, maybe I can formulate my thoughts better by then!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love-love-LOVE watching LOST, I think I have to admit that I love watching it with people and discussing it as we go. I had a ball on Twitter last night with #LOST! UnLocke, fLocke (for fake Locke), and Smokey, were some of the fun names that people came up for Locke, as well as the anti-Jacob. And so many of the twi-#LOSTies came up with hilarious lines and great theories.

Of course, I'll have to watch LOST again today online, twitter or no twitter I always have to because the episodes are so full of nuggets.

I didn't catch the title, btw, so thanks for that. Another book to throw up on the LOST Challenge pile, eh? And I had fun with the LOST Bingo cards, too :-D

Ah! It was a blast, wasn't it? Too bad it's the final season.. :-(

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Caitieflum -- "Sayid is no longer Sayid, I am 100% convinced he is really Jacob. All of the Jesus imagery with Jacob and then the Jesus imagery for Sayid...Jacob is back." The image of Sayid with his arms stretched out when he was carried out of the pool was unmistakable. I'm thinking Jacob has risen.

Goodness GRACIOUS this is a good show. Have you read the recaps by Jeff Jenson on EW.com? They are some of the best out there.

Chrisbookarama said...

I'm in the Jacob=Sayid camp at the moment.

I don't know why we're doing the Plane Hasn't Crashed version of Lost. Do they do this just to mess with us?

I was surprised to see Richard go down like a sack of potatoes. 'Flocke' is mad a him! And what was that "Nice to see you out of chains" comment?

Liked the hippie losties. I thought, "wow, it's Genghis Khan and John Lennon together at last." What is with the costumes?

I'm thinking the island is Atlantis.

Wrighty said...

I was just as excited for your recap as I was for the new episode! Last season was so sporadic for me so I really depended on your recaps to stay caught up. I was very grateful for the first hour refresher last night too.

The parallel life was interesting and I was thinking that they had all turned out to be better people after crashing on that island. I think they are all going to end up together again somehow. It was such fun to see some of the characters come back! I agree about Terry O'Quinn and his impressive acting. The look of pure evil when he was Flock!! Creepy.

I think this will boil down to good vs. evil. It will be a crazy ride along the way!

Jenny Girl said...

Excellent write-up.
Richard has been a die hard Jacob supporter so Smokey wants him where he can see him.
Nothing is irreversbale: excellent point and idea.

O'Quinn was down right evil and awesome last night. He has been fantastic the entire time. Kudos to him and his fine work.

Anonymous said...

I've refused to try to analyze last night's episode, especially the whole two storylines thing, because if I stared I wouldn't be able to stop and then my head would hurt.

But - Sayid the new Jacob? Now that's an interesting thought.

And I was shocked - SHOCKED! - to learn that fake Locke is the smoke monster!

It was so fun to just to see some of the characters who had bee missing from the show for some time. Oh Charlie.

S. Krishna said...

Loved this episode! I thought the Others hippie clothes were hilarious as well. I think you covered most of my main points. Didn't realize that Desmond was reading Haroun and the Sea of Stories but yay Salman Rushdie!

caite said...

I am still recovering from the Sawyer and Juliet parting. Ok, she is buried and all but I have not given up hope that she is not dead...lol

kisatrtle said...

my recap is up and I loved reading yours. I too am not sure if I can wrap my mind about two worlds throughout the season.

Julie said...

I thought last night's show was excellent! But of course there are now more questions than answers. Is anyone else worried that they won't all be answered and we will be left wondering and pondering forever! I too, thought the music last night was really powerful. It gripped me more than it ever had in the past. Thanks for the great write up! I too must watch last night's episode again and when it is all over I will most definitely be buying the entire series.

Alison (Alison's Book Marks) said...

Am I the only one who did a full on headsmack when Boone showed up? I love Vamp Diaries, and I knew I had seen Damon before...but not until last night did I put those two things together!

Of course, my husband sitting next to me said to me, at the first shot of Boone on the plane, "Uh oh, are there going to be Vampires on the island now?" (*tee hee* I trained him well)

Wrighty said...

Forgot to mention that I had to laugh when the leader of the Hippie Others was using a translator but not because he couldn't understand English, he just didn't want to speak it. I don't remember the exact quote but it was something about how he didn't like the way it felt on his tongue. He's going to be interesting...

Did anyone else notice the commercials for V during Lost? That's 'Julia's" new show. It was strange to see her on both!

Caroline Starr Rose said...

The Smoke Monster/Locke is Jacob's nemesis from last season's finale, right?

And what does it mean that "it worked" (Juliet's message via Miles)? If so, who are these people still on the island?

And why was the flight attendant with the temple Others?

Did the bomb sink the island?

Kathleen said...

I missed the first 15 minutes although hubby told me what I missed but I didn't get to see the underwater island or anything. I think the idea that the plane never crashed but yet it did is cool. It's a little weird though that we didn't see Michael, Walt, Claire or Shannon the plane.

As for names for the fake locke, the book I'm reading suggests non-locke. The book is LOST's Buried Treatures 3rd Edition by Lynnette Porter & David Lavery.

The idea that Jacob came back in Sayid's body is an interesting one but then why did the nemesis not come back to life IN Locke's body? However you know how the traslator said the note said not to let Sayid die? Well they never actually showed it to Hurley. Maybe it said Sayid had to die in the water or bad things would happen. They certainly didn't seem concerenced when he died right?

Nan said...

I just love this show! I can't wait for next week! I definitely need to do a rewatch of this week's episode this weekend.

Lily Cate said...

All I have to say is please, more Charlie! We went through a season without him- he better show up again!

Heidenkind said...

As if this show wasn't confusing enough, they've created multiple realities. Hahahaha!

The island is underwater because it's Atlantis. It only rises about the surface for important occasions like the end of the world and president's day. ;)

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