Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LOST Discussion: 6.04 The Substitute

Child Lost

As usual, this is a full on discussion so please don't read it if you haven't watched the episode, The Substitute yet.

To be quite honest, my first reaction is, huh?

I'm not feeling all that well, so this will be brief. But--

Locke in alternate timeline:
Helen is alive! Yay! They are in love and getting married and apparently Locke doesn't have a damaged relationship with his father? Or is this just something he's been lying to her about, like he lied to her about going to the conference. He was still unable to the walkabout but since he went on the company's dime, he got fired. Never fear, Hurley owns everything and hooks him up at a temp agency where Rose works and she still has cancer :( I love the way their lives are all connecting anyway, even to the point where Ben is a teacher at the school where Locke ends up a substitute. The arc of the Locke character in this segment seems to be Locke coming to terms with staying in the wheelchair and believing there are no miracles.

The Island


Seriously, huh?

Who's the kid and why can't they kill Jacob? (and why does this feel like when Alex got killed all over again) What's up with Flocke taking on Locke's personality traits? ("Don't tell me what I can't do?") How come no one ever found that cave before? Is fLocke telling the truth about the candidates? Are they really candidates for taking care of the island or something much different? Did anyone else ever get the feeling that fLocke was a bit like Lucifer? I seriously couldn't help but think this when he told Richard he would have told him everything and promised to answer the most essential questions for Sawyer.

Sawyer did make me laugh tonight thank God. I also feared he might plunge to his death so I'm glad that didn't happen. I am extremely curious as to why they must leave the island together and exactly what that means.

I'm not sure I really feel like I got any answers tonight, since I don't know if I can trust Mr. Smokey!

Your Thoughts?



Stephen said...

I think Travis Prinzi might be on to something with this theory about tonight's show: http://thehogshead.org/lost-smockes-new-loophole-4451/

Lenore Appelhans said...

What about all those names written and crossed out on the ceiling? I'd like to get a closer look at that.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I was seriously baffled by this one.

I did like that we learned the numbers (Hurley won the lottery with and Desmond had to enter in to the machine) coincide with the numbers Jacob assigned everyone. But how did Jacob come up with the numbers?

And who was the kid?

Sarah M. said...

Ok, so I'm not the only one who made the Lucifer connection. I kept thinking that last night for the same reasons you did and for some others. I thought maybe I was reading too much symbolism into it. But you never know. LOL

Everyone's been asking why Kate's name wasn't on the ceiling. I was thinking of the three options Flocke says you can get your name scratched out, it can be assumed you'll be dead or die, but then there were others like Rose and Bernard who aren't there either, so I'm figuring it's just that some people don't make the list and are scratched off even if they aren't dead. But you never know.

Interesting interesting... didn't they say something about the end of the questions after next week? I HOPE SO!

Travis Prinzi said...

Stephen, thanks for linking my post!

The idea that it's the world, not the island, which needs protecting would be a great move of narrative misdirection by the authors for 5+ seasons, which is one of the reasons I think it has some merit. We've been lead by all the characters - especially Ben - to think that the island is in need of protection, but what reason do we have for this other than Ben's assertion and beliefs? And since he's been shown over and over again to be far more clueless about the island than he ever led us to believe, I think that's an idea we can at least consider rethinking.

Mark Baker said...

Okay, I'm just trying to remember what the deal was with Helen in the flashbacks. I thought she dumped Locke because of his obsession with his father. Can someone fill me in?

KyleeJ said...

I have thought that Jacob and his counterpart were symbolic of God and Lucifer since I saw them on the beach last season. Light colored clothes vs black. I think if either of them (the light and the dark) are going to leave the island, they have to do it jointly so that neither side has the advantage over whoever is on the island.

And the kid... I think he might be Jacob.

Anonymous said...

I need to check some old episode summaries, because I don't remember what happened to Helen. Also, if Locke doesn't have a bad relationship with his father in this alt reality, maybe there's a new reason he's in the wheelchair?

I don't believe anything fake Locke says. I doubt he and Sawyer will actually leave the island. I didn't pick up on the Lucifer bit, but now that I think about it, it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, so many questions, so few answers. I really hope they get around to answering most things and don't just leave us hanging. I was wondering why I didn't see Kate's name on the wall of the cave. It seemed all the other Oceanic Six were on there. Give us answers! Such a great show!

Unknown said...

I'm a little late coming to the discussion. Last week, I finally caught on to the good vs. evil, black vs. white (an ongoing theme in Lost), and this week we got to see that with the scales in the cave (Locke/smokie threw out the white stone, which probably represents Jacob).

Anyone else wondering how they're going to get OUT of the cave with the broken ladder?

I didn't see ANY women's names on the cave ceiling (assuming that it was Jin and not Sun's last name). WHY? (With all the psuedo "Last Supper" photos of the cast, I have to look into the female biblical counterparts they might be representing)

I think the kid is Jacob...or Aron? (Is there a reason that these are all Biblical names?)

Why do they have to leave at the same time? Balance. Sawyer would have to accept his role as the new Jacob and they would both have to leave it at the same time...or else disrupt the balance of power.

Speaking of balance. All of this talk about good vs. evil, makes me wonder if the island is, in fact, some kind of purgatory. It seems that faith and religion have a lot to do with the survival of the Others on the Island.

All very confusing...as usual.

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