Friday, February 26, 2010

February Faith'n'Fiction Round Table: Wounded by Claudia Mair Burney


Welcome to Faith'n'Fiction Saturday. The last Saturday of every month will be devoted to the Faith'n'Fiction Round Table. This is the very first round table and I want to express my gratitude to each participant for their graciousness, patience, and excellent discussion.

The book we discussed over email was Wounded by Claudia Mair Burney. Here's the publisher's description:

If a miracle happened to you, wouldn't you tell everyone? What if they thought you were crazy?

Poor in health but rich in faith, Gina Merritt—a young, broke, African-American single mother—sits in a pew on Ash Wednesday and has a holy vision. When it fades, her palms are bleeding. Anthony Priest, the junkie sitting beside her, instinctively touches her when she cries out, but Gina flees in shock and pain. A prize-winning journalist before drugs destroyed his career, Anthony is flooded with a sense of well-being and knows he is cured of his addiction. Without understanding why, Anthony follows Gina home to find some answers. Together they search for an answer to this miraculous event and along the way they cross paths with a skeptical evangelical pastor, a gentle Catholic priest, a certifiable religious zealot, and an oversized transvestite drug dealer, all of whom lend their opinion. It's a quest for truth, sanity, and grace . and an unexpected love story.

Our response to the book was very divided, but on one thing most of us could agree--it was very thought provoking. We discussed several issues and you can find each issue at the following blogs. The conversation was edited by me, so that each post can hopefully read as a stand-alone post for the ideas presented and discussed. I sincerely hope you will visit each of the participants blogs and learn about this fascinating book and join in the discussion.

Ignorant Historian -- The theology presented in the book

Books and Movies -- Jesus as Bridegroom

Booking Mama -- Suffering

Debbie -- Mental Illness and the church

Book Addiction -- The Characters of Wounded

My Random Thoughts -- Wounded as a Love Story (and a few other random things)

Wordlily -- Stigmata

Books, Movies, Chinese food-- The use of "the n word"

One Person's Journey Through a World of Books -- Miracles and Faith

March's round table will be In the Garden of the North American Martyrs which is a collection of short stories by Tobias Wolff. If you are interested in being invited to participate in a round table in the future please let me know. I am looking for a diversity of Christian bloggers. You do not have to (and in fact I'd love it if you didn't) normally blog about books. Just hit the contact button above and let me know.


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