Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mini-Reviews: Masquerade and Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz (Blue Bloods Books 2 and 3)

It will be impossible for me to write about these books without spoiling the first one, so please just skip on past this review if you plan to read this series at some point and don't want to be spoiled.

Masquerade opens with Schuyler on the hunt for her grandfather in Venice. Her vampire skills are starting to come into focus and she's able to use them to her advantage to find him. Meanwhile, Bliss is experiencing moments where she completely passes out and has no memory and she suspects that Dylan is somehow saving her. And Mimi is...Mimi organizing a huge party and trying to find a way to keep Jack, her vampire and human twin loyal to her. I thought this installment was fantastic and addictive, action packed. It takes the mythology even deeper and you'll find yourself rapidly turning the pages and reaching for the next book at its dramatic conclusion.

Revelations is also good...the hunt for the silver bloods ramps up when it's been discovered that Leviathan's grave has been tampered with. The love triangle gets a bit complicated but is overshadowed by the events at the end. I do have to say that if I think these books have a weakness it's that the conclusion is always a bit rushed. While de la Cruz does a great job of drawing you into the suspense and mystery during the book, the climax always seems a bit rushed and lacks the proper punch it could have. In other words, I think her action sequences lack power and finesse. But it doesn't really change the fact that I have really enjoyed these books.

Rating: 4.25/5 for both
Things You Might Want to Know: These are vampire books. also they bring fallen angels into the mix. Some minor language.
Source of Books: bought them both
Publisher: Hyperion


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