Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thoughts: Touched by a Vampire by Beth Felker Jones

It is inevitable that whenever a book or TV show becomes really really popular, that a Christian will write a sort of response and tell us how to see it from a Christian point of view. Twilight is huge and so we now have a guide with questions to help us know how to think about Twilight.

It's not that I'm opposed to the idea. I actually really love and support the idea of Christians reading and discussing books together with their kids rather than keeping them from reading them. This book just wasn't as much as I had hoped it would be. I think if the author had drawn less conclusions and instead offered up more questions and study of passages that it would be a more effective and useful tool.

Basically, she sets out to explore the themes in Twilight and then shares what she feels is the truth. It's not that I always disagreed with her, it's just that I think parents will find this more useful than teenagers. Check out Touched by a Vampire on the publishers website. They provided me with a copy of this book.



brizmus said...

I've actually been really interested in this book; my mother and sister are both very religious, and they both love twilight but hate vampires and the idea of vampires. I was wondering if this book might help them find some resolution.

Sandy Nawrot said...

I may have to take a look at this. My almost 12 year old daughter has been bugging me for ages to read Twilight, and only just recently agreed she could read the first two only. Even with that, there are issues that bother me...obsession, stalking, the idea that one cannot live without someone else, melodrama over wanting to lose your virginity, and the list goes on. What a great example to set for the tween crowd. There's so much great literature out there for kids this age, but they are all obsessing over this one!

bermudaonion said...

I think I'm too old for the vampire craze - my generation went through it with Dark Shadows back in the 60's.

Amy said...

brizmus...hmmmm, it might though I don't think this book is very favorable to Twilight!

Sandy..emailed you!

Kathy...I need to rent Dark Shadows

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