Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Slow Burn by Mary DeMuth (one of the books I didn't get to)

About the Book: She touched Daisy’s shoulder. So cold. So hard. So unlike Daisy.

Yet so much like herself it made Emory shudder.

Burying her grief, Emory Chance is determined to find her daughter Daisy’s murderer—a man she saw in a flicker of a vision. But when the investigation hits every dead end, her despair escalates. As questions surrounding Daisy’s death continue to mount, Emory’s safety is shattered by the pursuit of a stranger, and she can’t shake the sickening fear that her own choices contributed to Daisy’s disappearance. Will she ever experience the peace her heart longs for?

The second book in the Defiance, Texas Trilogy, this suspenseful novel is about courageous love, the burden of regret, and bonds that never break. It is about the beauty and the pain of telling the truth. Most of all, it is about the power of forgiveness and what remains when shame no longer holds us captive.


Sandy Nawrot said...

This trilogy is definitely something I need to pay some attention to. Whether you read it or not, you have captured my attention!

Beth F said...

Color me shallow, but I love the cover!

Tracy said...

I loved 'A Slow Burn' in the sense that it was gripping, gritty and substantial. Heartbreaking story....but it was a great book. Rel has my review posted now. Can't wait for the 3rd one.

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