Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I NEED this book!!! Fireworks over Toccoa by Jeffrey Stepakoff

I know I already posted about a book I'm lusting after but then I found out about THIS BOOK and I MUST have it!!

Fireworks Over Toccoa

Okay I have to admit this strong need comes from the setting. In case you didn't know, I attended college in the town of Toccoa, Georgia. So many happy memories!!! But it's not very big so to see, oh a book take place there? Pure awesomeness.

But wait!! There's more! Karen White, one of my favorite authors, endorsed it!!!

And it sounds like a real tear jerker of a love story and I always appreciate those!

From the Macmillan website:
Every so often that story comes along that reminds us of what it’s like to experience love for the first time—against the odds, when you least expect it, and with such passion that it completely changes you forever.

An unexpected discovery takes eighty-four-year-old Lily Davis Woodward to 1945, and the five days that forever changed her life. Married for only a week before her husband was sent to fight in WWII, Lily is anxious for his return, and the chance to begin their life together. In honor of the soldiers' homecoming, the small Georgia town of Toccoa plans a big celebration. And Jake Russo, a handsome Italian immigrant, also back from war, is responsible for the elaborate fireworks display the town commissioned. But after a chance encounter in a star-lit field, he steals Lily's heart and soul--and fulfills her in ways her socially-minded, upper-class family cannot. Now, torn by duty to society and her husband--and the poor, passionate man who might be her only true love--Lily must choose between a commitment she's already made and a love she’s never known before.

Fireworks Over Toccoa takes us to a moment in time that will resonate with readers long after the book’s unforgettable conclusion. A devastating and poignant story, this debut novel will resonate with anyone who believes in love.

Okay, I know you're all just as excited about this as I am...I mean Toccoa!! Karen White's endorsement!! Love, romance, and freely flowing tears!! But there's bad news...it doesn't come out until April of 2010 from St. Martin's Press. :(



crittyjoy said...

I need this book too!! For some of the same reasons ;)

It sounds really interesting....I am going to add this to my list of must reads! Thanks for introducing me to it!

Sandy Nawrot said...

OK, Amy. Are you ready to pimp yourself out for this one too? If so, I'll join you. Are you listening, lovely publicists? We're in pain here! Our lives will not be complete unless we read this book!

Meghan said...

Oh, this sounds like a book I'd enjoy too! Just my kind of story. It's always exciting to see your college in a book though. I went to Brandeis and most people haven't heard of it unless they're doctors or scientists, so it's always really fun to come across references to it in books. Tuesdays with Morrie was a good one for us. =)

bermudaonion said...

You've convinced me - if I get it, I'll send it your way!

S. Krishna said...

I didn't go to college in Toccoa but you know I LOVE Karen White! I think I might enjoy this one.

Melanie said...

Ooh, Fiewoks over Toccoa sounds amazing! Sounds like a story I would definitely enjoy. Thanks for the heads-up!

J.T. Oldfield said...

I LOVE books that take place where I live or have lived, so I totally understand the need for you to have this!

nomadreader said...

There have been ads in Shelf Awareness this week to request an ARC. I'm not sure if they're still going on, but I requested one earlier this week. I'll send you my copy (if I get one) when I'm done!

Ti said...

I may be getting this book confused with another but I believe I saw this one in the Shelf Awareness blitz and it was being compared to Nicholas Sparks. Like I said, I could be wrong as I read so many blurbs but that turned me off!!

Fyrefly said...

I have none of your attachements to the book or its setting, but MAN ALIVE does that cover make me want it, and want it bad. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Amy,

We've scheduled a reading of _Fireworks Over Toccoa_ with Jeffrey Stepakoff on Feb 11 at 7 p.m. at the Historic Train Depot in downtown Toccoa. We'd love to see you there, and if you don't have a ARC of the book, I'll do my best to have one for you. Feel free to invite your friends as well. We'd love a full depot.

Also, you can find out what's happening in your old college town by visiting the Main Street Toccoa Facebook page:

Merry Christmas,

Shawn Apostel

Stephens County Historical Society said...

The book comes out March 31, 2010. You may preorder a copy, if you wish, from the Stephens County Historical Society. Call 706-282-5055 to place your order.

Cindy Tatum

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