Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekly Review: Week Ending October 3rd

At long last it's back! In which I share all the fabulous links I've come across in the blogopshere recently. :)

First I am so so so happy to say that Brant Hansen has returned to blogging with his wonderful blend of humor and insight. He really is my favorite blogger. I especially loved this post in which he changed out occurrences of wine with grape juice in Biblical passages. Classic!

Banned Books Week

I was pleased to read so many thought provoking posts during Banned Books Week. Many bloggers thoughts forced me to think more carefully about my own feelings about freedom and challenging books. Here are a few I enjoyed:

Banned Books Week at Jodie's Book gazing in which she admits how hard it is not to want to shut some people up.

The Gift of Choice at Rebecca's blog in which she discussses the value in allowing a child to choose whether or not to read a book themselves.

And Christina had an excellent and thought provoking post on censorship, what banned books week seems to be all about and the importance of challenging books at Stacked Blog.

I also enjoyed this essay on Farenheit 451 at Lenore's blog and this look at the Outsiders at Angie's Blog. (both books I love! :)

Other Book Stuff

Becky explains what a reading challenge is and why she's addicted, Eva provides some recommended reading for Hispanic heritage month, Marie felt the same way I did about How to Paint a Dead Man, and Keishon questions the trend of turning popular novels into graphic novels.


I feel like new books challenges, book clubs, and read-alongs are cropping up left and right! I simply can't keep up with them all! Having said that, here are a few I'll be joining.

Nat announced a new Japanese Literature Book Group and Read-along. I'll be joining along in the book group for The Old Capital and the Housekeeper and the Professor. I'm really looking forward to this one since I love Japanese culture.

The 24 Read-a-thon is back! It will be happening October 24-25th. Please go sign up and plan to join in the reading fun!


Jackie shares some tips for new book bloggers and Florinda shares some thoughts on blogging burn-out.

If you're a fan of children's literature or young adult literature, the CYBILS are now accepting nominations. You can learn about what the CYBILS are and how they work at the CYBILS blog.

Other Stuff

I enjoyed this post from Shaun Groves on Sabbath rest.

Laura of Texas in Africa is starting a new series about community based initiatives in Africa that work to counter all of the negative news she always has to post. :)

Jen shares honestly about a moment of preconceived judgement she had in her usual humorous but honest way.

And finally Megan Crane tells it like it is about why Roman Polanski deserves no special treatment even if he is a genius. He is also a rapist and the message we are sending to girls by even entertaining thoughts of giving him a pass because of his talent is inexcusable. Rape is rape and it's wrong no matter who is doing it.

I hope you found something worth reading here! What are some great links you came across this week?



Unknown said...

Thank you for linking to my post!

You have lots of other great ones there - I've spent quite a while browsing through them - thank you!

Julie P. said...

I'm tossing around the idea of going you for the Japanese Literature book group. I have The Housekeeper and the Professor, and I'd love read it and discuss!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Glad you enjoyed my post! I read quite a few you linked to here - thanks for sharing!!

Jodie said...

Thanks for linking to me and commenting when it was posted :)

bermudaonion said...

Glad to see you're back!

Krista said...

Here's another one on that awful man...
I just can't fathom that people think he deserves to get off... even if the victim says she's moved on. So. Does that mean if we wait long enough the perp gets to go with no consequences? Sickening.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed The Housekeeper and the Professor. I just have to add that my town's HS is considering making this book the one and only book for all grades' summer read next year. I think it would be excellent and appeal to many.

Sandy Nawrot said...

What a great wrap-up for the week! I feel like all I do is read blogs, and I still miss all the action. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date!

Jen said...

Thanks for the link love! Missed you while you were on your break! :)

Madeleine said...

Thanks for giving us something new to look at! I'm about to check out a few links!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Whew! I don't even know where to start with all of this goodness. Do you just make a list during the week of things you've found? I'd have such a hard time remembering everything that I read.

Sheila (bookjourney) said...

Great links to check out - thank you Amy! It is like blogger news over here LOL.... great topics to look into and I will.

Literary Feline said...

Thank you for the links, Amy! I am behind in my blog visits and have a feeling it will be awhile before I catch up on the back posts. I always appreciate weekly round-ups like this as they help me stay on top of the latest blog news. :-)

Florinda said...

Thanks for including my "burnout" post in your round-up, Amy! This week, I've been staving it off by conducting a giveaway to celebrate my 1000th post :-).

I've also joined the Sunday Salon and posted my links roundup with that today. It included some of the same posts you mentioned here - they were just that good :-).

Elena said...

Hey hun, you won yourself an award :)

Jessica Lawlor said...

Hi! I gave you a book blog over on my blog :)

Beth Kephart said...

fabulous round up, Amy..

ChristinaO said...

Thanks for the link Amy! It was a tough post to write as there was so much I wanted to say and after reading other people's condemnation of the WSJ piece I was a bit nervous as to reactions.

Rebecca Reid said...

Thanks for the link to me! And wow, there are so many other great links here. I'm having fun bouncing around the blog-o-sphere!

tanabata said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm really looking forward to discussing the books with you and the others who are joining in. :)

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