Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Vampire Diaries: Family Ties

Vampire Diaries
I have to confess I am totally falling in love with this show. It's entirely possible that I may be blinded by my past love for this story (though the show seems vastly different from the books) or my love for Ian Somerhalder who makes a fine, sexy Damon. And of course, I just love vampires.

My favorite moment of the show was the brilliant way they brought Twilight into it! As Damon mocks one of the Twilight books, Caroline asks him..."How come you don't sparkle?" And Damon responds, "Because I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun." LOVE!!

So...we learn there's a secret stash of vervain in Zack's basement. Stefan tries to drug Damon with it, but Damon is a smart one and recognizes it right away. So Stefan is going to have to think of something else.

Caroline tells Bonnie who tells Elena (hey it's high school!) that Stefan is a manipulative liar who was enraged when Damon stole his ex-girlfriend planting all sorts of seeds of doubt into Elena's mind.

So Elena gets a bit ticked when Stefan says Damon is trying to drive them apart. She just wants to know him. But when she heads to the restroom and observes bite marks all over Caroline's body..she knows something is up and instantly trusts Stefan over Damon again.

Stefan successfully spiked Caroline's drink which ends up saving her life. Meanwhile, it appears the town knows vampires are back and Stefan locks Damon in the vervain room.

My other favorite quote?
"You're dead, dude. Get over it."

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Tasha said...

I like this show, too.

Trisha said...

I had serious misgivings and there's a lot of kitch in it..but who am I kidding? I'm loving the show.

And Damon...definitely hot.

Jenn M. said...

I LOVED the Twilight reference. I laughed out loud.

Also, the abs shot of Stefan! Nice! Damon is quite sexy too though!

Michelle said...

Oh, Amy! I recorded it last night. No FF for me. I had to go for the hot vampires (and David Boreanez), so I'm going to try to catch up this weekend.

Heidenkind said...

You knew Damon had to make some sort of shot at Twilight. :) I also like the part where Caroline was like, "Damon's not dangerous, he just has issues with his brother." Uh-hhhhhhhuh.

Elizabeth said...

I keep telling myself I'm not going to get sucked in, but this is me = sucked in. I loved the Twilight reference, too.

Lissi said...

When this first came out I was horrified at what they had done to The Vampire Diaries. I mean I was 11 when the books came out and I treasured them. But I have to admit that now, I'm enjoying it. Stefan is delicious and Damon mocking Twilight was the highlight. Oh and when he says: "I'm not some drunken college sorority girl Stefan. You can't roofie me."

Julie J. said...

I've watched this show with intense interest since it started. However, the second episode is what saved it for me. I wasn't impressed with the first episode at all and had to be "sweet talked" into watching further. Boy am I ever glad that I did!

I just loved the Twilight reference this past week, as well as the "I'm not some drunken college sorority girl Stefan. You can't roofie me." line.

What do I love most about this show?!?!? Well, it's taped in the town where I live!! I'm hoping to land an "extra" spot sometime soon. I see them taping a lot and a couple of weeks ago, the rooftop scene, well, that was my courthouse in the background. Wouldn't I love to run into Stefan?!?! Sorry for all you Damien lovers out there but he just doesn't quite do it for me. I'm a Stefan fan all the way!! I mean, Damien is good looking but Stefan is H-O-T!

Debbie's World of Books said...

I have this on my DVR but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I'm still iffy on the show right now. So many good things to watch I may have to wait for reruns on this one.

Anonymous said...

I am also definitely falling in love with this show. I haven't read the books but after watching a few episodes I'm begining to think that they should be added to my TBR list. I loved this overview of the show - you pointed out a lot of the things I love about it.

vvb32 reads said...

me too, still lovin it.

Michelle said...

The first couple of episodes didn't really do it for me but episode before last when Damon really got his freaky evil on in a big way drew me in. Then this week....the start of this mystery element....has totally brought the show up in my estimation. IS *totally* makes the show, he is by *far* the best part.

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