Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This week's CFBA books: Things Worth Remembering by Jackina Stark and Leaving Yesterday by Kathryn Cushman

I can assure you that as soon as these books find their way into my hands they will be reviewed!! I've been eagerly awaiting Jackina Stark's and I love Katie Cushman's books as well. :)

The publisher did send them to me...just to the wrong address. But I know they arrived there and soon they will be on my loving bookshelves! (or a stack on the floor. Same difference)

About Things Worth Remembering: Kendy Laswell and her daughter, Maisey, used to do everything together--until one fateful summer when Maisey witnessed something she shouldn't have, and their relationship fractured. Now, Maisey is back home to get married and Kendy realizes this is her last chance to reconnect with her daughter. Will Kendy and Maisey be able to reclaim the bond they once shared?

Maisey asked for a bride doll the Christmas she was five, mesmerized by her aunt's wedding the fall before. Since then I've been dreaming of the day, or days, we would shop for her wedding dress. A mother helping her daughter find just the right creation for that momentous walk down the aisle strikes me as one of life's happiest endeavors. The night she called to tell us she'd bought her "dream of a gown," I sat beside Luke on the couch, a striking contrast to Maisey's exuberance.
My dejection seemed a tad inappropriate. "Being hurt because I wasn't included is silly, isn't it?" I asked.

"Not so silly," he said.

Will I ever quit longing for the Maisey who was once mine?

About Leaving Yesterday: Alisa Stewart feels like she's lost two sons: her youngest to a terrible tragedy and her eldest, Kurt, to a life ruined by addiction. But now Kurt has checked himself into rehab and found a healing faith that seems real. It's like he's been raised from the dead.

But then a detective arrives at Alisa's door asking questions about a murder--the death of a drug dealer before Kurt entered rehab. Alisa fears losing her son again, and when she finds evidence linking him to the killing, she destroys it. Her boy is different now. He's changed and deserves a second chance.

But when another man is charged with the crime, Alisa finds herself facing an impossible choice: be silent and keep her son or give up everything for the truth.



Zibilee said...

Leaving Yesterday sounds like it has a really interesting storyline. I will be eager to hear what you think of it when it does finally reach you.

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