Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Sunday Salon A bit of This and That

Happy Sunday all! I hope you having a fabulous weekend. Here in Southern California it is HOT. Today it is supposed to be 107 degrees. YUCK.

I took the first part of the weekend away from the computer and it was great! Sometimes it's good just to get away.

I know I haven't posted a link round up in some time. Mostly that's because I fell really behind in reading blogs. I do plan to start it up again but here are a few links of immediate interest!

Eva is planning a sort of book blogger's mentoring program. This is an idea I love, but I think Eva is still looking for ideas so go weigh in! :)

Trish and Michelle are putting the nuts and bolts together of a book blogger con in New York. They are trying to gauge interest now so if you are planning on going to BEA next year and also would be interested in a day of book blogger nerding out, please go fill out the form.

Have you ever visited the Book Blogs Ning site? Lately you might have stayed away due to an increase in spam, but the administrators are working on getting it cleaned up...go check out the new rules and provide feedback!

Okay now on to the other stuff.

I am seriously considering a ban on acquiring books as it seems crazy out of control. But I am always super excited about the books that wind up in my hands! :) A few recent acquisitions include:

Ariel Book Cover

I became interested in this book when I attended Penguin's panel at Comic-Con and the editor there, (can't remember her name!) said this was one of her favorite books. A few people in the audience agreed. Apparently it was out of print for awhile and the rights had reverted back to the author, but since he has recently written a follow-up they were able to reissue the book and the following sequel. So I look forward to reading it. Have any of you read it?

Unbound cover
Unsuprisingly for those that know me, I bought this for Melissa Marr's contribution. This marks her adult debut, hee hee. I'm not all that interested in the others since I haven't read the books by the authors (yet!) but will probably read Marr's someday soon here.

Back when I lived and worked with Australians in Japan, they would often cite these books as their favorite. I always wanted to read them, but forgot the title after returning to the States. But thank God for book blogs, I have rediscovered the title and now have the first and second book waiting for me to read them!

Sadly, I don't think I'll be reading any of these today. I have a few obligations to fulfill first.

Finally to wrap up today's quite random post, I'd like to ask if anyone else spent two hours of their lives watching the completely incomprehensible movie Knowing. Seriously, I thought this movie had some potential but it was beyond ridciculous. I really can't recommend it all. I can't even believe the movie made it so far.

Have a fab Sunday everyone...stay cool! What are your plans? Tell me all!



Sandy Nawrot said...

Knowing did not pass the sniff test with me, and I guess I am glad for that!

Just ten minutes ago I finished my panelist responsibilities. What an amazing experience, and am really appreciative that you let me jump on that bandwagon. I am humbled by all the wonderful blogs out there!

My husband and I have been in Chicago for the last few days. I found the most precious bookstore while there, and of course had to do a little shopping to keep all those stories in business on the Magnificent Mile. But now it is back to reality. Cleaning, laundry, kids homework, and the upcoming school book fair. I AM hoping to finish "The Hour I First Believed" today at some point. It is has taken me some time to get through it.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Eva said...

Thanks for the link! It's definitely still in its planning stages. :D

I love Melissa Marr, so I hope my library gets a copy of that anthology!

Beth F said...

I will stay away from Knowing. But I love, love, love the Tomorrow series. Hope you get to it sooner than later. And I know about the book ban thing. I'm seriously overwhelmed.

Jen - Devourer of Books said...

The weather so summer is so strange, it is so insanely hot where you are, but here in Chicago it is in the low-60s, which is completely bizarre.

Karen Harrington said...

It's always interesting to hear what books other countries and cultures rave about. Thanks for that info.!

I felt the same way about KNOWING. Hubby and I were just amazed throughout the last half of the film. Smart people who treck into ominous woods, leave sleeping children in their cars, etc. And then, the end! Oy! I could go on.

bermudaonion said...

I am too excited about the book blogger con! BEA was so much fun this year, but there are so many bloggers that I barely got to say hi to! I know what you mean about acquiring books. I went in a bookstore yesterday and thought seriously about buying something and thought I have no business buying another book. We'll see how long that lasts! LOL

Anonymous said...

We watched Knowing last night. Or, I should say, I watched it and my husband surfed on his laptop. He started out watching and then just zoned out completely. I stuck it out to the end and then went "HUH?"! I kept saying things like why are they leaving those children alone and such. Hubby predicted the ending way early in the movie. I should have continued watching my DVD's of Season 2 of Designing Women. Much funnier!

Lisa said...

I keep thinking I'll put a ban on getting new books, too. But then I see something I just can't resist or I get offered a book that just sounds so intriguing...and then the ban goes out the window!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I liked the "I'm seriously considering a ban on acquiring books ... BUT here's what I acquired!!!" very funny! isn't that the way with us all?

Becca said...

Great links, Amy. I have been excited about Eva's idea and Michelle and Trish's idea, too. They are both excellent!

I also love that you want to put a ban on acquiring books. I do that all.the.time. Never lasts somehow...hmmm...I can't imagine why that is :P

Unknown said...

The Tomorrow series is so good, I really can't say enough good things about it.

Staci said...

I liked the looks of some of the new ones you've acquired. I'm cutting way back on the books I've been accepting. Just too busy with life and other reads!! I must be living under a rock because I've not heard of Knowing!!

Jen Robinson said...

Oh, how I know what you mean about considering a ban on acquiring books. But, like Beth F, I love, love, love the Tomorrow series. In fact, I'm including it in a post that I'll have up tomorrow about my favorite series books.

And I'm with you about Knowing, too. You kind of get to the end and go "what was that?". I had a similar reaction to "Push".

samantha.1020 said...

It sounds like you found some good books but the weather sound HOT!!! It is nice and cool here which is putting me in the mood for some scary reads :) Have a great Sunday!

Literary Feline said...

Is it every hot! Thank goodness for air conditioning . . . I am glad you were able to get away from the computer for awhile. You've put so much work into BBAW--you deserved a break. Thank you, by the way, for all that hard work you've been doing, as well as to those who have been helping you.

I have been following the whole spam discussion on Book Blogs and am glad to see that something is going to be done about it. It really has gotten out of hand.

I hope you have a great week, Amy. I heard it's supposed to cool down. I guess we'll see . . .

S. Krishna said...

Wow, that's REALLY hot. Ugh. Stay cool today :-)

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Tomorrow When the War Began is a great book, as is the rest of the series. The first one is still my favorite though, great characters put in a nearly impossible situation. I read the series when I was younger and remember thinking what I would do if I got stuck in their situation.

ANovelMenagerie said...

Dude... at least you have A/C! I'm roastin' and a toastin'!

Never heard of that movie, Knowing. Too bad that it sucked!

Back to reading for spreadsheets!



Alaine said...

Hi Amy, yes it is nice to take a break from the computer. I find I get lots more reading done LOL. Glad you are haivng a nice weekend. It's Monday morning here already in Australia. Glad to see you reading a great Aussie author, that series is a very popular one here.

chrisa511 said...

I hadn't even heard of Ariel, but I sure am adding it to my wishlist now!! And I've had the Tomorrow series on my wishlist for awhile now thanks to Bart over at Bart's Bookshelf.

Sheila (bookjourney) said...

I did watch knowing and you hit it on the head... what as that about? No really, what was that about???

Anyway - Sunday here has consisted of a little blogging, a little reading, and watched Gran Torino (a really good movie!) again this evening with my hubby.

Now back to reading... perhaps a great cup of tea too!

Jenny Girl said...

Haven't seen Knowing but have seen plenty of other movies that robbed me of several hours of my life! At lease I knitted :)
Have a great week and this is for you an award

Anonymous said...

I live in central CA and it got pretty hot here this weekend too, which was extremely disappointing because it happened to be the weekend that I was moving back to my dorm room - talk about bad timing!

Loved the links that you provided. I'm looking into them.

Anonymous said...

I fell off commenting AND posting. I don't know how you're still managing to post with all of the BBAW prep you're doing!

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