Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer of Hitchcock: Marnie Discussion

Another Hitchcock film based upon a novel!

Marnie is the story of Margaret Edgar, a thief who goes around from job to job stealing money. When she is recognized by one of her employers for who she is, he marries her! Marnie is quite cold to men, has an adverse reaction to the color red, a fear of thunderstorms, and a few other triggers. Why? What is in Marnie's background that has made her the way she is?

I enjoyed this movie. It's interesting to read that there are two camps on this one: Marnie is a failure and Marnie is brilliance. For my part, I found it enjoyable. I enjoyed the use of color, and found Tippi Hedren to be far less annoying than she was in The Birds!

Next week is our last week for Summer of Hitchcock with The Trouble with Harry. I scheduled a twitter night, but I'm curious to know if anyone will actually be watching Friday night at 9 PM Eastern. Please RSVP in comments. If no one RSVPs, I will cancel.



Lori L said...

While I didn't think Tippi Hedren was a good casting decision, I did enjoy Marnie.
My review:

Sorry, we've been watching the Hitchcock movies on Saturday nights here... and I don't twitter anyway, LOL!

Lisa said...

I definitely would not consider "Marnie" a failure, I didn't enjoy it as much as other Hitchcock movies. I do really like "The Trouble with Harry!"

Shannansbooks said...

I will try if other will. I have the movie.

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