Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Book to TV: Can Flashforward Succeed?

Apart from the Vampire Diaries, Flashforward is the show I'm most looking forward to this fall. I suppose it has to do with the inevitable comparisons with LOST...time travel, fantastic ensemble cast, etc. While I doubt any show will come close to touching LOST in sheer enjoyment and brilliance for awhile, Flashforward might help fill the gaping hole.

The Flashforward panel was a priority for me when I attended Comic-Con. I was pleased they allowed us to watch the first two acts of the pilot, as it gave me a good idea of what to expect from the show. I loved it! Television pilots seem a bit like mini-movies these days...full of crashes and dramatic events and Flashforward was no exception.

Yesterday, I gave you a review of the book Flashforward, which is the source material for the show. I really enjoyed the book, particularly the thought provoking questions that it raised. I have no doubt that the TV show will also explore these questions in some depth through the eyes of the new characters. So here are some of the differences between the show and the book.

--In the book, the world flashes forward twenty years into the future, which is huge. For example, I have no idea where I'll be in 20 years. When one of the book's characters sees himself in a dead end job, he plunges into depression. In the show, however, the flash only takes place 6 months into the future. This could be rather interesting as we all have a reasonable expectation of what will be happening six months into the future. The individual storylines will likely be quite different. It also goes to show that they really will wrap up the first storyline within the first year. For the people who have no visions a short six months into the future? SCARY.

--The book focuses on the scientists who caused the flash, or time displacement as they call it. It appears the TV show will focus on ordinary characters and how they deal with the flash and what they see. This will eliminate the heavy guilt the characters in the book experienced.

--Book is mostly in Europe, TV show is in the States.

And that's all I know! Robert J. Sawyer has been supportive of the show and will be even writing an episode which I think is really cool.

I think Flashforward has a great chance for success. The creative team behind the show is amazing. The cast is fantastic. I'm really looking forward to it...and I hope you'll tune in, too! Flashforward premieres on September 24 at 8 PM EST/PST on ABC.



Sandy Nawrot said...

I'm probably the last person that should even utter a comment on this, as I am not a TV person. But I do have to admit, when they showed a preview of this show in the movie theater, it was thrilling. It could have been a movie preview. My only concern is that the premise doesn't get old, which is a challenge for any TV show. How to keep it current, giving the plot a fresh twist week after week. I probably won't watch it, but will have my eye on the EW reports!

Tasha said...

I'm looking forward to this show, too. I didn't know it premiers on September 24th, so thanks for sharing that.

Jen said...

It will be interesting to see how it does. It doesn't seem like time travel shows make it (other than LOST). There have been a couple of them recently that have been canceled. It sounds intriguing though.

Debbie's World of Books said...

I am such a dork. I work for Adobe so when I saw you mention Flash Foward on Twitter I thought you were talking about the Flash conference Flash Forward. LOL. I checked out this tv series description though and it sounds great. I've added it to my fall tv lineup.

Jenny Girl said...

You know I am all over this show! Definitely watching it.
Vampire Diaries...thursdays are too busy for me, so I'll catch it later. I am getting a little vamped out though.

Petunia said...

I am really excited about this new show. It looks so interesting. And I love pretty much anything with Joseph Fiennes in it(or Ralph, either one is good with me).

vvb32 reads said...

I'm checking this one out because of my LOST withdrawal.

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