Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer of Hitchcock: Spellbound Discussion

I never realized how many of Hitchcock's films are based on the written word and Spellbound is no exception, it is based on the novel The House of Dr. Edwardes by Francis Breedings. Fascinating stuff!

In any case, Spellbound is the story of Dr. Edwardes who arrives at a mental hospital to take the place of Dr. Murchinson. Dr. Edwardes, himself, however seems a bit strange, as he has episodes triggered by visual clues. The beautiful Dr. Peterson has fallen in love with him however, and attempts to help him, believing he is not a murderer but a sick person.

And so we must uncover just who Edwardes is...he isn't who he says he is but who is he?

I enjoyed Spellbound when I first saw it and I enjoyed it this time as well. This time, however, I was terribly distracted by the overpowering and sickening love music. But never mind that, I had managed to forget some of the details which made it a mystery all over again. And I really enjoyed Gregory Peck to be honest. ;)

When I think of Spellbound what sticks out in my mind is the dream sequence by Salvador Dali. It is really quite true to the bizarre nature of dreams and beautiful in a way.

What did you think of Spellbound?

Next week we discuss the Man Who Knew Too Much with James Stewart. I may not have time to watch it with Comic-Con this week, but I'll do my best!


Kelly said...

I really need to re-watch the Hitchcock films, I don't remember Spellbound at all!

SuziQoregon said...

I totally agree about the music. I think I probably noticed it more because of recently watching Rear Window and The Birds. In Rear Window - there was no musical score - all the background noise came from the courtyard outside his window. And in The Birds - again no music. Maybe that's why it seemed so overpowering in this movie? It won an Academy Award for score, but I found it to be overpowering and disctacting.

Funny moment - the cut to visual of a series of doors opening when Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman kissed - jeez - and I thought the train going into the tunnel at the end of North by Northwest was a crackup - both The Hubster and I just about fell over laughing this time.

I don't ever remember seeing Gregory Peck that young and every time I see Ingrid Bergman I notice how much her daughter looks like her.

Sally said...

A little of the goofy, cheesy side, but I'm sure Hitchcock was ahead of his time in his movies.

Lori L said...

I Loved Spellbound! This was my first time seeing it for some strange reason. My review is on my blog:
Amy, this Summer of Hitchcock has been wonderful! I'm really enjoying it!

Heidenkind said...

Here's mine: Mr. Linky doesn't appear to be working.

Jen said...

I'm sorry I have flaked out on the Hitchcock thing. I really wanted to join you on this challenge but like so many other things lately, I just didn't follow through.

Spellbound sounds like a good one! I'm definitely going to make a point to watch it at some point.

Unknown said...

Here's the link to my Spellbound post:

Not my favorite Hitchcock film, but I really enjoy it.

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