Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic-Con Day Two

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I had a very busy and full day today and I'm dead tired. Tomorrow is the all important LOST panel. I met the nicest couple in line for The Flash Forward panel who missed the panel last year and the very idea almost made me break out in hives, so I need to get to bed early so I can get there as soon as possible. I'll likely be in line for around 2 hours. I simply can't miss it!

Speaking of the Flash Forward panel....they showed us the first two acts of the pilot and a teaser for more of the season along with explaining some of where they were going and let me just say looks EXCELLENT. I'm really really excited about this one. features not one, but two beloved members of the LOST cast so there you have it. This was probably my favorite panel of the day because it got me really excited about the show and the possibility that there might be Television Life after LOST. I already have the book and plan to read it ASAP.

I sat in on several book panels but they weren't as good as yesterday's Evolution of Fantasy. I think this may have been a moderator issue. After all, the young adult fantasy panel was supposed to be about creating worlds that would be beloved and remembered by today's youth when they are adults (like Narnia) but that's sort of a one question panel don't you think? And the panelists themselves were all quite interesting. Oh well. I had a lovely time chatting with them aftewards. Also sat in on the Caring and Feeding of a Series panel which was decent, and then of course Penguin's hour long commercial where they showed upcoming ACE and ROC titles, my heart burst into book lust, and I won a galley of Ilona Andrews' forthcoming book On the Edge.

I also attended the Past Life panel. I was interested in this one because its inspiration is M.J. Rose's book The Reincarnationist. The TV show is totally's a procedural show where they are using the memories of people's past lives to solve crimes and mysteries. I can't say I was blown away by the pilot (it is a procedural--the only one I really love is The Closer) but I do think it's something I might enjoy watching. Solid, if not exciting.

And I sat through a panel on the history of Underground Comix which was very informative and interesting.

Those were the I said I also met several authors, a blogger!, and stuff like that. I'm dead tired and hoping to catch 4 panels off to bed with me! Wish me luck on getting into all of my panels and having the stamina to go to an author talk and signing tomorrow night.

I"ll be tweeting through the day again...thanks for all your responses they really make me smile..



Literate Housewife said...

Yesterday I had just finished commenting on your last Comic-Con post when they started talking about it on the news. They were showing all of these people dressed up as vampires and zombies and it looked an awful lot like Halloween. That made me laugh thinking about which you would most likely be dressed as.

It sounds like a wonderful event! I'm leaving on vacation today, so I'm hoping that I have access to some wifi on Sunday. They said that today was the big day and I want to hear all about it.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Good luck with the LOST panel! Don't blame you for being over-cautious on that one! Have a great day three!

bermudaonion said...

I'm so glad you're having fun! You could run the Lost panel!

Park Avenue Princess said...

I'm so glad you're having a great time Amy! Nothing fun ever comes to Rhode Island! I'm SO jealous!

Love reading your posts and tweets!

xox Amy

Alea said...

I'd love to hear more about the history of Underground Comics panel!

Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books said...

Wow, you sure had a great (exhausting) time this weekend, Amy! I agree with Kathy, you could run the LOST panel yourself (I hope you did get in early and get a good seat.)

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